BBT: Big Brother 12 recap

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

BBTBrother 12, Enzo recognizes that how embarrassing it is that he did not win anything. Well, fortunately, the others can hold their own. Hyde Lane, close to Britney, wins HOH after the blackjack-like card. So, for him a place is guaranteed in the last four. He need to take a pledge now to keep a closer look to the goal. Enzo now worries. They decide to bring Britney down in the team.

However, Enzo made significant strides in the mvoe forward brigade game. The team now need to thank as they have made to the final four. Though he palyed a bad game, but it is okay. It was season’s ridiculous result after Lane opens a Pandora’s box. There is a chance for him of winning $10,000, but sad to say, he won only $91.17. For this penalty was given to the entire house.


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