Miss Universe 2010 contestants evening gowns (Miss Universe photos, videos)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Miss Universe 2010 contestants evening gowns (Miss Universe photos, videos)

Last night’s Miss Universe pageant was a wonderful event with viewers worldwide tuning in. After the swimsuit competition, the remaining contestants modeled their evening gowns and were scored. The Miss Universe contestants who participated in the evening gown competition were as follows.

Rozanna Purcell Miss Ireland 2010

Angela Martini Miss Albania 2010

Venus Raj Miss Philippines 2010

Yendi Phillipps Miss Jamaica 2010

Jimena Navarrete Miss Mexico 2010

Anna Poslavska Miss Ukraine 2010

Mariana Paola Vicente Miss Puerto Rico 2010

Nicole Flint Miss South Africa 2010

Jessica Scheel Miss Guatemala 2010

Jesinta Campbell Miss Australia 2010

The women walked across the stage while John Legend performed. Miss Mexico and Miss Jamaica chose bright colored evening gowns. Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete wore scarlet red while Miss Jamaica wore deep turquoise blue. Miss Philippines Venus Raj shined in her dress that looked like liquid silver. Her evening gown had a metallic shine that was complemented by her earrings. Every time Miss Philippines glided across the stage her fans roared.

Photos: Top 10 Miss Universe Contestants in Swimsuit Competition

Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska looked like a refined princess as she gracefully strolled over to the piano where John Legend sang. Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell wore a sheer, flowing sand colored gown with a heavy overlay of gold and silver sparkles.

You may see a photo slideshow of the Miss Universe 2010 contestants in their evening gowns in the photo player below.

You may also watch video interviews with all 83 Miss Universe contestants in the video as well.

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