Bear Gall Bladder Uses

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Bear Gall Bladder Uses
Bear Gall Bladder Uses, The bear gall bladder usually used for medicine purpose in old Chinese’s medicine. The bile kept in the bladder is expressed to cure several sicknesses and is used in anything from eye drops to pharmaceutical drugs.
Organs of bear are sold at cost of $400 to $600 per. the whole game of hunting the bears and selling or trade underground of its organs is totally illegal.
Because its price in black market is very high that’s why people hunt and kill bears at massive scale, its need to take some serious action against illegal activity of killing animals and their organs trading. (USSPOST)

Bear Gall Bladder Uses Community Paper Reports November 26 SunCommunity Stafford County Reports November 26 paper Sun18 Stafford County, a team of the road has found the remains of a bear cub with his gall bladder at the border Prince William Forest Park in Triangle . Wildlife has been hunted Capsiplex diet pills are specially formulated with the help of pepper and hot pepper extract, for people who want to lose excess weight away Xenical, orlistat, the active ingredient, is a pill for lose weight does your digestive system by preventing the absorption of fat. (Breaking News Views)

Interest in Bear Gall Bladder Uses overtook the web today, as the animal organs became a top internet search. Everyone wants to know, what exactly is it used for? The answer is a somewhat sad one.

Bear gall bladders are sometimes used in alternative medicine because some believe it has healing properties; it is most commonly used in South Korea and China. But it is not limited to these areas. A survey of three major cities in Vietnam, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang found that 22 percent of people use the organ, particularly among the highly education demographic. (EQuick News)

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