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Video: Mark Zuckerberg's Five Best Made-for-TV Moments

It can be said that you're not really anybody until you've had the chance to host Saturday Night Live. Well, while Facebook's billionaire founder wasn't the one delivering the opening monologue last night, 26-year-old Mark Zuckerberg did make his first appearance on the late-night show.

And, in this case, he managed to finally meet his doppelganger: Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who played the Zuck himself in the eight Oscar-nominated film, The Social Network. ( Read Zuckerberg more... )

Zuckerberg yucks it up with Eisenberg on SNL

I've had an eyeful of television this week.

Straight after the State of the Union, there was the odd state of Tea Party spokeswoman Michelle Bachmann's eyes looking over our left shoulders as she spoke.

Last night, on "Saturday Night Live," we had Mark Zuckerberg staring so hard into the camera that he looked like an overcaffeinated nerd waiting desperately to secure a friend request--or at least a poke--from, well, Michelle Bachmann. ( Read Zuckerberg more... )

Jesse Eisenberg Bumps Into the Real Mark Zuckerberg on "SNL"

Mr. Eisenberg, meet Mr. Zuckerberg.

That’s what happened last night on "Saturday Night Live" when Academy Award-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg met real-life Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, whom he portrayed in the critically-acclaimed movie "The Social Network." ( Read Zuckerberg more... )

Mark Zuckerberg Meets Jesse Eisenberg on Saturday Night Live

Confirming the buzz that had been building since last week, Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Saturday Night Live, meeting for the first time Oscar-nominated Jesse Eisenberg, who portrayed him in The Social Network. ( Read Zuckerberg more... )

Facebook hack means rethinking digital privacy

If you weren’t worried about how much of your personal information was available online before, seeing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook page hacked should have done the trick.

As more details of our lives move online, should we be concerned about the type of information that’s out there ? ( Read Zuckerberg more... )

Mark Zuckerberg has Facebook page hacked

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appears to be the second high profile victim of a hacking attack on his own Facebook page, following a similar account takeover early this week targeting French president Nicolas Sarkozy. ( Read Zuckerberg more... )

Friends? Zuckerberg, Eisenberg Face Off On `SNL'

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and his "The Social Network" doppelganger Jesse Eisenberg made friends on "Saturday Night Live."

Zuckerberg joined host Eisenberg for the opening monologue of the show Saturday. The two said they had never met, despite Eisenberg playing Zuckerberg in the widely hailed, Oscar-nominated film. ( Read Zuckerberg more... )

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