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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Jean and Scott Adam, Somalia Pirate, Yacht Pirates
Jean & Scott Adam Remind Us of Real-Life Pirate Dangers

Jean and Scott Adam were out to do good by distributing Bibles around the world aboard their yacht, the S/V Quest. Hopefully God is with them now as they and two other Americans, who have not yet been identified, were aboard the boat when it was hijacked by Somali pirates.

I can't imagine the fear these people must be experiencing -- to be sailing along on the open sea when suddenly pirates -- real-life pirates -- take over. Their website portrays a couple with a deep faith that hopefully is comforting to them now as they're being subjected to unknown treatment by these criminals that are much more dangerous than any of the cartoon characters most of us think of when it comes to pirates. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Jean and Scott Adam: Yes Kids, Pirates Are Real: Should We Encourage Our Kids To Celebrate Criminals?

Kids? They love pirates. Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, or pretty much anyone wearing an eye patch, a pirate hat and/or flying the Jolly Rodger is intriguing for the under ten-set.

The pirate themed party is a birthday staple and shirts with skulls and crossbones are all the rage. But should we be okay with our children idolizing pirates? Especially with real life piracy still alive and well, like in the case of Jean and Scott Amams, the American yachters who have been highjacked on the high seas. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Jean and Scott Adam’s Yacht ‘The Quest’ Hijaced by Somali Pirates

An American couple’s yacht has been hijacked by Somali pirates according to multiple reports.

Jean and Scott Adam’s were attacked by pirates in the Arabian Sea off the cost of Somalia as they were sailing around the world handing out Bibles. Two other Americans were also believed to be on board.

The yacht is named The Quest and the California couple has been sailing around the world since Dec. 2004 according to the couple’s website. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Somali pirates hijack yacht of American couple Jean and Scott Adam, two other Americans

Somali pirates have hijacked a yacht carrying an American couple sailing around the world handing out Bibles, U.N. officials said on Friday.

Jean and Scott Adam — along with two other unidentified Americans — were attacked by pirates in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Somalia.

The U.S. military is weighing a response, a spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Jean and Scott Adam of S/V Quest Captured

MARINA DEL REY (LALATE) – Jean and Scott Adam of S/V Quest (photos below) have been captured by Somali Pirates. The hijacking of Jean and Scott Adam ( happened Friday, confirm Somali’s U.S. Mission officials.

Jean and Scott Adam’s last listed their address as a mail drop in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles. The couple’s website has detailed their journey at sea, but it has not been updated recently. According to the website, the Adams had chosen to leave Los Angeles and take to the sea. They have reportedly been on their yacht for six years traveling on an evangelical mission to pass out bibles. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

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