System Tool Virus Removal

Sunday, 27 February 2011

System Tool Virus Removal
Virus Expunging or Computer Virus Removal – What is a Computer Virus and by means of can I know if my computer is contaminated

A Virus or Computer Virus is a self-replicating program or piece of script or code that make copies of itself and then either attaches itself to an existing file on the infected system or store copies of itself on the system with innocuous sounding names like ‘repair tool’.

The virus is limited to spread itself only by either being transmitted or sent by an unwitting user or carried on a portable storage medium from one system to another. However, if a virus gets embedded somewhere on a network drive then anyone who opens or clicks on the infected document or file can end up getting infected as well. ( Read System Tool Virus Removal more... )

Microsoft’s virus scanner could create security hole

An obscure fault in Microsoft's Malware Protection Engine could result in a vulnerability when the software performs a virus scan, according to Microsoft's security advisory.

During a scan, the engine fails to process a specially crafted Registry value correctly, reports Heise Online. ( Read System Tool Virus Removal more... )

How To Remove Windows AV Software - Uninstall/Remove Windows AV Software In 6 minutes

Feb 21, 2011 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- Windows AV Software is yet another rogue system tool. Windows AV Software pretends to be a part of Windows operating system and it also presents itself as a useful utility. Windows AV Software is neither related to Microsoft nor is it a legitimate app. Windows AV Software is a fraud designed to milk money. ( Read System Tool Virus Removal more... )

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