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Sunday, 6 February 2011

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UFC 126 Results: Anderson Silva Secures His Status as the Sport's All Time Best Fighter

For years it's been a question that has caused millions of arguments on message boards all over the world. Who is the best fighter in the history of mixed martial arts? Was it the great Rickson Gracie, finishing all challengers and running a submission train on a hundred Japanese judoka and jiu jitsu aces in a single day? Perhaps it was Frank Shamrock, the sport's first believer in exercise science and the UFC's undefeated champion at 205 pounds. Some might put the crown on Fedor Emelianenko, who ruled the heavyweight division for much of the last decade. ( Read UFC 126 Results more... )

UFC 126 Results - Forrest Griffin Outworks Rich Franklin

Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin fought in the co-main event of UFC 126. It was a battle of former champions as Griffin had won the light heavyweight title from Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rich Franklin was a former UFC middleweight champion. The two men were both in desperate need of a win to remain relevant at the upper end of the 205 pound division.

The first round saw Griffin get a quick takedown where he worked ground and pound for the entire round while Rich Franklin was unable to get anything going. It was a dominant round for Griffin and it appeared that Franklin may be in for a very long night. The second round saw the two men do battle mainly on the feet with Griffin again getting the better of the exchanges. This time it was leg kicks and the occasional punch that got through. Franklin would come back fairly strong in the third, landing some nice punches and kicks. SB Nation saw the fight as a 29-28 win for Griffin. The three judges all saw the same score. ( Read UFC 126 Results more... )

UFC 126 Results - Jon Jones Submits Ryan Bader

Jon Jones and Ryan Bader met at UFC 126 in a battle of two of the top prospects in the sport of mixed martial arts. Jones' only career loss to this point was by DQ in a fight he was dominating against Matt Hamill while Ryan Bader had not lost a professional fight. One man was going to get a huge win while the other would suffer his first ever legitimate loss.

Jon Jones controlled the first round with takedowns and positioning on top. Bader was clearly uncomfortable fighting off his back and Jones took advantage, moving to north-south position and looking for a choke. Bader managed to survive but clearly lost the round. In the second Bader had some decent moments and landed a few punches but Jones took over with leg kicks and scored a takedown. From there he secured the neck of Bader and forced the submission with a guillotine choke. ( Read UFC 126 Results more... )

UFC 126 Results: Miguel Torres Drags Out a Win Over Banuelos

It wasn't a lot of fun to watch but former WEC bantamweight champ pulled out a dominating unanimous decision win over veteran Antonio Banuelos to open UFC 126's pay per view broadcast.

Torres came out pawing with his long left arm and his right arm cocked back by his chin. Banuelos caught him coming in with the first punch, a cross. Torres landed leg kicks and a high kick. Torres began to crack Banuelos with punches mixing jabs and straights with his leg kicks. With about 2 minutes left Banuelos caught a kick and took Torres down but he quickly let him stand back up. Torres landed a hard right hand that cracked like a gun shot. Another right. Banuelos winged and missed several times and then landed a looping right hand. Banuelos threw a spinning back kick but missed. ( Read UFC 126 Results more... )

UFC 126 Results – Silva beats Belfort in Round 1

Vitor Belfort vs. Anderson Silva ended like most thought with the Spider as the big UFC 126 winner in his 8th successful title defense. Belfort was no match for Silva who looked for a big win coming off a near defeat against Chael Sonnen.

Silva knocked out Belfort in Round 1 after the first flurry of action. A kick to the face put Belfort on the ground and the referee stopped the fight shortly thereafter. It was short work for Silva and another dominant performance by the champion. The knockout was spectacular and as quick as you’ll ever see in MMA. ( Read UFC 126 Results more... )

UFC 126 Results - Jake Ellenberger Wins Snoozefest

I am obviously a huge fan of mixed martial arts. I devote a crazy amount of time to watching fights and following the daily developments of the MMA world. But even as a fan of the sport it is hard to appreciate the second and third rounds of the UFC 126 fight between Jake Ellenberger and Carlos Eduardo Rocha.

In the first round Rocha managed to get a takedown and move to side control where he dominated the round from side control. There was a brief moment where the fight was almost finished in an americana submission but Ellenberger survived. The second and third rounds were fought standing up with neither man doing much in terms of effective work. Ellenberger would occasionally land punches while Rocha would throw wild shots that tended to miss. In both rounds Ellenberger scored late takedowns to make a case for winning the round. ( Read UFC 126 Results more... )

UFC 126 Results: Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort Fight and Post Fight Conference Video

The Silva vs Belfort fight video showed a fantastic front kick to the chin of the opponent. Obviously, most of the spectators will not forget Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort fight tonight. A replay is available above for those who tune in early or miss the live broadcast altogether.

Besides the Silva vs Belfort Fight Video, you can watch the UFC 126 post fight conference video. As usual, after the UFC 126 results have been identified, post fight conference would be the next agenda to show. ( Read UFC 126 Results more... )

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