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Sunday, 27 February 2011

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UFC 127 Results: Jon Fitch Beat B.J. Penn Says FightMetric

FightMetric data shows in the main event of B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch at UFC 127, Jon Fitch may have actually done enough to win the fight.

Feb 27, 2011 - There's a handy rubric in mixed martial arts (MMA) that fortunately provides numerical, data-driven clarity in the days after major fights as controversy swells about judges' decision: FightMetric. After last night's UFC 127 main event between Jon Fitch and B.J. Penn - officially scored a majority draw - I was curious to see how FightMetric tallied the data. The conclusion? Jon Fitch didn't draw B.J. Penn, he outright defeated. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Michael Bisping's Actions, Words Inexcusable

I've had enough of Michael Bisping.

For a long time, Bisping just rubbed me, and a lot of people, the wrong way. Now, after his antics before, during and after his UFC 127 fight with Jorge Rivera, I simply abhor him.

This could just be me, but Bisping is everything I despise in a human being all wrapped up in one package. He repeatedly throws around homophobic slurs like a high schooler, he cheats and he apparently lacks any traits to be the bigger and better man. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Next Moves for Chris Lytle, George Sotiropoulos, Other Losers

For an event that featured no title fights, no especially compelling matchups and only one participant who even vaguely qualifies as a household name, UFC 127 sure left plenty to talk about. A couple of serious upsets and a couple of controversies ensure that the losers from Sydney will receive their share of those column inches.

Here's a quick look at the what the future may hold for those who came up short down under: ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Dennis Siver Scores Huge Upset over Sotiropoulos

UFC 127 results included a shocking result in the lightweight division.

George Sotiropoulos had won seven of his last eight fights and appeared on the cusp of a title shot, but that will have to wait, after Dennis Siver won a unanimous decision over the promising lightweight on Saturday night in Sydney, Australia.

Judges scored the fight 29-28, 30-28 and 30-27 for Siver. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch Fight to Draw

B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch headed to likely rematch after fighting to a draw

Jon Fitch must feel hellafied frustrated. B.J. Penn just feels lucky. All in all, UFC 127 was one of those cards that makes you think it is time for Dana White to start examining some free TV. 50 bucks was a stretch for this one. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 results: Michael Bisping finishes Jorge Rivera by knockout in round two

The co-main event of UFC 127: "Penn vs. Fitch" from Sydney, Australia featured a heavily hyped match-up pitting Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera.

And it certainly came through with the necessary fireworks, as Michael Bisping exacted the revenge he wanted so badly with a second round technical knockout win over Jorge Rivera.

Directly after, he walked up to a rocked "El Conquistador" and told him he needed to apologize for all the shit he talked in the lead-up to the fight. He even spit at Rivera's corner. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: B.J. Penn Vs. Jon Fitch Round 1

The main event for tonight's UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch is, naturally, B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch. UFC President Dana White said the winner of this bout was in line for a title shot. Would that be against Jake Shields? Or would it be against someone new? We won't know until UFC 129, but tonight would answer who one-half of the equation would be.

The referee in charge of the action is Herb Dean. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: B.J. Penn Vs Jon Fitch

UFC 127 made a trip down under to Sydney, Australia and by the time the night was over, the Aussie crowd was certainly given an excellent night of MMA Action.

In the main event, B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch fought an outstanding battle in the octagon which seen the fight ruled a draw.

The other pay per view matches on the card saw Michael Bisping beat Jorge Rivera by second round TKO; Dennis Silver defeat George Soitropolous by unanimous decision; Brian Ebersole win by unanimous decison over Chris Lytle; and Kyle Noke choke out Chris Camozzi for a submission victory. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Penn vs. Fitch Post-Fight Recap and Analysis

The eyes of B.J. Penn told the story tonight. Holding back tears, Penn told Joe Rogan and the crowd in the Acer Arena that he wasn't sure what he would do with his career if he had lost. He said that he would give Jon Fitch another fight if that's what Fitch and the UFC wanted, but his eyes told a different story.

B.J. Penn realized his limitations tonight. He's had to come face-to-face with the notion that the rest of the sport has caught up to him. He may have escaped Australia with a draw, but Penn knows in his heart that Jon Fitch got the best of him tonight. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Penn Ties With Fitch

After all the hype leading up to the UFC 127 main event featuring Jon Fitch and B.J. Penn a majority draw is not what people were hoping for. The fight was a back and forth affair for sure with Penn coming out of the gate like a truck trying to end Fitch’s night early. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Jorge Rivera's Management Responds to Michael Bisping Fight

UFC 127 results continue and Alchemist MMA, the team that manages UFC 127 fighter Jorge Rivera, offer a statement regarding their take on the fight with Michael Bisping.

Feb 27, 2011 - Tonight's fight between Jorge Rivera and Michael Bisping at UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch was incredibly controversial. It wasn't just the illegal knee in the first round. It was also the pre-fight smack talk and the post-fight antics from Bisping. Namely, spitting on Rivera's corner and telling Rivera, "Loser, go home".

Alchemist MMA, who managers Rivera, sent this messge to SB Nation MMA along with other media outlets: ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 results: B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch, Jorge Rivera vs. Michael Bisping, George Sotiropoulos vs. Dennis Siver, Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole

The following are the results of the UFC 127 undercard broadcast and pay-per-view, which took place on Saturday in Sydney, Australia.

-Nick Ring defeated Riki Fukuda by unanimous decision.

-Alexander Gustafsson defeated James Te Huna by first round submission.

-Ross Pearson beat Spencer Fisher via unanimous decision.

-Kyle Noke beat Chris Camozzi via first round submission in the first pay-per-view fight.

-Brian Ebersole beat Chris Lytle by unanimous decision. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Michael Bisping Makes Jorge Rivera Pay

UFC 127 results saw Michael Bisping deliver some punishment to Jorge Rivera.

Heading into their middleweight showdown on Saturday night, Rivera got under Bisping's skin with plenty of trash talking, but that only resulted in a beatdown, as Bisping forced a second-round stoppage in the UFC 127 co-main event. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Entertaining Night, but More Questions Than Answers

(UFC 127: Penn v. Fitch; image courtesy of Getty Images)

Recent highly successful televised StrikeForce events have like “Submissions Night” (aka ShoMMA 14) and “Knockout Night” (Strikeforce: St. Louis) have finally given the UFC matchmakers reason to pause — something that hasn’t happened since the days of PRIDE Fighting Championships.

UFC 127, which went down Saturday night, was a bit mystery in terms of what viewers would get. On the one hand you had top-tier fighters like TUF 3 champion Michael “The Count” Bisping and former welterweight/lightweight champion, welterweight juggernaut Jo BJ Penn fighting on the card. On the other hand, two of those three (Penn and Bisping) haven’t exactly been at the top of their game of late. And much of the card was filled with names less recognizable to casual fans (many of whom were submissions-geared like George Sotiropolous. And there was no title fight. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Brian Ebersole Upsets Chris Lytle In UFC Debut

The second fight on the pay-per-view main card of UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch was Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole. Lytle, originally slated to face Carlos Condit, was forced to fight Ebersole on late notice. Strangely, Ebersole walks into the cage with a Kimbo Slice-inspired chest hair shaving design.

ROUND 1 - Lytle lands a nice body shot and follows to the head. Ebersole mostly pawing from the outside. The shots from Lytle seem more audible. Left hook from Lytle misses and Ebersole uses it to land a single leg takedown. Lytle transitions to a guillotine, but is reversed and now Lytle is on his back. Now the guillotine is without an arm, so Ebersole goes back down to the mat. He tries to stand, but Lytle hits a cradle and keeps him in place. Ebersole is sitting on his hip, but Lytle goes again for the guillotine this time from full guard. Lytle lets it go and stands. In a scramble, Lyle rolls for a kneebar, but nothing doing. Ebersole on top lands big elbows and shoulder strikes. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Brian Ebersole Shocks Chris Lytle for Cinderella Upset

Brian Ebersole waited ten years to make his UFC debut but only took three rounds to shock UFC regular Chris Lytle at UFC 127. Ebersole, a huge underdog took all three judges cards, 29-28 (x 2) and 30-27.

Ebersole opened the fight with a very unconventional and awkward carosel kick attempt that Lytle largely blocked. Lytle countered with a hard right hand. Ebersole shot in but Lytle easily stuffed it. Then he clinched and Lytle worked over Ebersole's body. Ebersole shot in again and Lytle went for a guillotine but Ebersole reversed. Lytle then got top position as Ebersole worked his own choke attempt. Ebersole then got top position as a bleeding Lytle went after his neck. Lytle then went for a knee bar. Ebersole then landed some vicious ground and pound to end the round. Just before the round ended, Ebersole stood and spun his finger in the air in a dismissive gesture. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Noke vs Camozzi, Lytle vs Ebersole

Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi
Round 1
: John Sharp is the referee for the first fight of the main card. The middleweights exchange leg kicks and both miss when they go to the head. Camozzi rushes Noke into the fence and scores with a combination, but eats a flurry in return from Noke and then gets tripped to the mat. Noke hops straight into mount and punches away, then rides all over the twisting Camozzi. The Australian takes Camozzi’s back and flattens him out with hooks, slipping in the rear-naked choke for the tap at 1:35 of the first frame.

Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole
Round 1
: Steve Perceval is the referee for this clash of American welterweights. For his UFC debut, the Sydney-based Ebersole has shaved his chest hair into a large arrow, which points to his face. There is no touch of gloves as both men crouch low and stalk. Ebersole cartwheels forward and tries to plant his heels on Lytle’s face, but it’s blocked. Ebersole takes a right hand from Lytle and feigns shock as he walks it off around the perimeter. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

UFC 127 Results: Dennis Siver Derails George Sotiropoulos

Dennis Siver scored a massive upset against top UFC contender George Sotiropoulos, winning by unanimous decision at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia.

The loss derails a Sotiropoulos title run, eliminating Australia's best hope for a title shot. Siver will need another few wins to emerge as a contender.

After some initial trading, Sotiropoulos shot in early and got stuffed. Then Sotiropoulos began to land standing. Sotiropoulos grabbed a kick and went for a take down, taking punches as Siver hopped on one foot. Siver escaped. Sotiropoulos shot and got tossed aside. Siver missed a flashly spinning head kick and Sotiropoulos answered with some punches. Siver began to score vicious punches to the head. Siver landed a huge left hook to the jaw. Sotiropoulos fell and Siver followed up to hurt him. Sotiropoulos shot in sloppily. Siver missed a spinning back kick to the body. Sotiropoulos was lucky to survive the first round. ( Read UFC 127 Results more... )

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