Vidal Sassoon

Monday, 28 February 2011

Vidal Sassoon
Movie Review: "Vidal Sassoon The Movie"

What was initially an idea to shoot a short film as a tribute to his friend Vidal Sassoon, producer Michael Gordon instead ended up producing a 94- minute film of the legendary man.

Titled Vidal Sassoon The Movie, the film's springboard is a visual book of Sassoon's life that Gordon is putting together for the cameras. As he goes through the various photographs to organize them, they prompt Sassoon's story to unfold. ( Read Vidal Sassoon more... )

Interview: Vidal Sassoon Talks ‘Vidal Sassoon: The Movie’

Are you ready for some quality time with hair? Get ready for Vidal Sasson: The Movie, a documentary about (you guessed it!) the hairstylist Vidal Sassoon. If you’re like me, you’re wondering how the hell hair can be interesting enough to make a movie out of it… well it helps when you have a true to life rags to riches story of one of the first stylists who actually managed to change society with a pair of scissors. ( Read Vidal Sassoon more... )

Vidal Sassoon discusses his iconic pixie haircut

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Before Vidal Sassoon came along during the swinging '60s, women's hair was caught in a "Mad Men" world.

"Women were going to the salon three or four times a week. They had big hair. They were sleeping in rollers," says Craig Teper, director of the new biodoc "Vidal Sassoon: The Movie," which opens February 11 in New York and February 18 in Los Angeles.

The London-born hairdresser upended all of that. As the movie stylishly demonstrates, Sassoon can rightly be called a design revolutionary. The short, geometric hairstyles he invented were so low-maintenance as to be genuinely liberating. ( Read Vidal Sassoon more... )

Vidal Sassoon

meet the man who changed the world with a pair of scissors

Before the dawn of Sally Hershberger's $800 haircut, before the term "celebrity stylist" preceded names like Frédéric Fekkai, Serge Normant, and Orlando Pita, there was Vidal Sassoon. The English haircutter made his mark with a never-before-seen architectural style at a time when the only options were a tease and a set.

"He's undisputedly the hero of hairdressing—and has a remarkable life story," says Bumble and Bumble founder Michael Gordon, who produced the new documentary, Vidal Sassoon The Movie, that's debuting during New York fashion week. ( Read Vidal Sassoon more... )

Watching Vidal Sassoon: The Movie - Official Trailer - Online Youtube Movies

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