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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen interviewed on NBC’s ‘Today Show’

Digital News Report- Charlie Sheen is on a public relations campaign that is not of the typical kind. Sheen was on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ this morning to defend himself from all the scandals that have been brewing in his personal life.

They interviewed him inside his home. Charlie Sheen is living with two girlfriends.

When asked if he was sober, Sheen said that “Drug tests don’t lie.” He said he closed his eyes and made it so to deal with his addiction to drugs. He did his sobering up in his own home and they labeled his home their own crisis management called, “Sober Valley Lodge” and wouldn’t let Alcoholics Anonymous get involved because they would contaminate it. ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen 'Today' show interview: I've got tiger blood, Adonis DNA, and I'm tired of pretending I'm not special

Charlie Sheen says he's a warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA who deserves to be making $3 million an episode for "Two and a Half Men." He says CBS, which shut down production on the show for the remainder of the season after last week's rants, owes him "a big one, publicly, while licking my feet."

He says he cured his own addiction problems by closing his eyes and making it so. "I'm tired of pretending I'm not special," he tells NBC's Jeff Rossen. "You can't process me with a normal brain." ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen: 'I'm clean and sober'

Charlie Sheen has urged fans not to worry for his health because he is not using drugs.

During an interview with Today Show reporter Jeff Rosen, Sheen was questioned as to the last time he indulged in narcotics.

"Don't remember. Don't care. Drug tests don't lie," he retorted.

The actor went on to admit that a January hospitalisation that might have been linked to substance abuse was a low point, but he hesitated to brand his behavior as "out of control". ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen Today Show Video: Is Charlie Sheen on Drugs Again?

Charlie Sheen was on the Today Show this morning, giving a no-holding-back interview.

Charlie Sheen was blunt and convinced that he is winning, that CBS and Chuck Lorre are going to regret not working with him any more.

But, as you watch the Charlie Sheen Today Show video, it’s hard to believe that he is clean like he claims.

Charlie Sheen sees it as “winning” that one day his kids will know about all he has done- even his rampage and downward spiral. ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen’s Astounding New Interview on “Today Show” (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen has moved from radio rants to a full-scale television blitz, appearing on the “Today Show” to discuss the personal and professional firestorm he’s lit.

The (former) “Two and a Half Men” star talks to Jeff Rossen about, well, a lot – including his “war” with CBS, violence against women, being a role model for his children, charges of anti-Semitism, turning his home into a “crisis management center,” and what he plans to do next. ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

WATCH Charlie Sheen's INSANE Today Show Interview: 'I'm A Rock Star From Mars'

The Today Show began airing their pre-taped, mulit-segment interview with Charlie Sheen this morning.

And yes, it is just as crazy as you thought it was going to be.

Sheen, who looks as though he as aged about 20 years since last he appeared on camera, says among other things that he is a "rock star from Mars" and that he is going to return to Two And A Half Men...but expects a raise. Some highlights: ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen 'Today' Show Rant: 'Men' Hiatus, Chuck Lorre and Relapsing (VIDEO)

Troubled 'Two and a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen gave an interview on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC), arguing that CBS had no right to put the sitcom on hiatus, that show co-creator Chuck Lorre is guilty "dictatorial laziness," and that a relapse isn't even a remote possibility.

When asked if CBS had just cause to end the sitcom's production early this season, Sheen replied, "No, because ... they observed a guy hitting every mark, nailing every line, every joke with a full house, screaming." ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen Today Show Interview (WATCH): Fate of Two and a Half Men!

Charlie Sheen has been sparking headlines for months and his latest interview with The Today Show this morning is only fueling media interest around the Two and a Half Men star.

12 minutes of the interview can be seen below (I’m not sure if this is the entire interview yet but if I’m missing anything, I’ll definitely add it to this post when it becomes available) and it’s definitely hard to tell if Sheen is sober.

While he did pass’s drug test this weekend, it’s very clear from the video that he’s still suffering from the effects of the drugs and alcohol. It’s safe to say that Charlie may be clean right now but the long term effects of constant drug use are very evident in his speech. ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen on 'Today': 'It's $3 mil an episode, take it or leave it'

The Charlie Sheen Warlock tour kicked off on the Today Show this morning with an interview between the Two and a Half Men star and NBC’s Jeff Rossen. Sheen addressed some of the huge questions surrounding the “war” he has declared against CBS and Men executive producer Chuck Lorre, including his recent self-treatment for what remains a rather ill-defined ailment. Sheen told Rossen he doesn’t remember the last time he did drugs (results of a drug test revealed on GMA this morning also indicate that he is clean), and said he has rejected the “fiction” of Alcoholics Anonymous and its “5 percent success rate.”

Instead, he created the Sober Valley Lodge in his own home, he told Rossen, and wouldn’t allow AA to be any part of it. “Their primary client achieved radical success,” Sheen said of Sober Lodge (which, again, is his house). When Rossen asked if relapse was an issue, Sheen replied that relapse was only for “Fools, trolls, weak, defeated — they allowed defeat to be an option. I will not.” ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen Today Show interview: I’m a warlock

Charlie Sheen Today Show interview turns into rant against CBS, Chuck Lorre

Elliot Crumpley

In a Charlie Sheen Today Show interview, the actor demanded a raise for his return to the halted sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” according to Reuters.

The actor who has undergone a highly-public battle with alcoholism and drug abuse, demands a pay rate of $3 million per episode, a million-dollar hike from his current pay rate of $2 million.

“I’m underpaid right now,” he insisted in the Charlie Sheen Today Show rant. ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

Charlie Sheen Is High on Hubris, If Nothing Else

The Charlie Sheen rant express keeps chugging along this morning with an epic Today Show interview. In this latest public appearance, Sheen says that he is a "total rock star from Mars" who is completely sober without the aid of Alcoholics Anonymous. You see, AA is for regular people, Sheen explains, "people who don't have tiger blood and Adonis DNA," like he has.

Oh and by the way, he says he's not going back to work on the hit CBS show Two and a Half Men unless he gets $3 million an episode, up from his current salary of $2 million. ( Read Charlie Sheen Today Show more... )

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