LIFE Releases Previously Unseen Photos of Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Eva Braun
Photos of Eva Braun that have not been previously seen are now displayed on Braun is the long-term girlfriend and wife for one day of Adolf Hitler.

The United States Army confiscated the photos in 1945 but was only revealed recently by Reinhard Schulz, collector and curator. The newly-released photos of Braun showed her flirty and provocative streak especially in front of the camera. The photos were found contained in Braun’s private albums in her home.

The death of Hitler’s niece and rumoured lover Geli Raubal in 1931 made Brain the centre of the life of the German dictator.

Braun, who became a model at the age of 17, became a favourite but vain companion to the Nazi leader. She used to work at Reich official photographer Heinrich Hoffman’s studio in Munich.

She claims to have met a man with “a funny moustache” called “Herr Wolff” through her modelling job. It turned out that she was referring to Adolf Hitler. And as Hitler was getting high up in the Nazi Party ranks, they also became closer as a couple.

While hundreds of thousands of people died in the Battle of Berlin as the German and Russian troops sought to get control of Berlin in 1945, it was the death of 55-year old Hitler and 33-year old Braun in April 30, 1945 that ended the Third Reich and in effect the war.

The photos, starting with photos of her as a chubby infant, provided an insight into Braun’s life. It also chronicled her life as a teenager and her life with Hitler from the 1930s to the 1940s before they both committed suicide.

It also gave a glimpse of Braun’s habits which were loathed by Hitler such as smoking, swimming in the nude and wearing makeup.

Source : UK News Online

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