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Will McLobster to make its way to more McDonald's?

Is McLobster making its way to more McDonald's restaurants than just the lucky few in Eastern Canada and New England? Despite an Internet buzz spreading faster than you can say "pass the butter," a blog near San Diego is claiming that it has gotten word from the Golden Arches that the speculation is unfounded.

"The McLobster is McFake," surmised Deanne Goodman of the Carlsbad Patch blog.

And yet the unusual sandwich is very real in the Great White North and in certain parts of Maine where it has come and gone over the last few years. Made of 100% lobster meat from Atlantic lobsters, served on a french roll that looks like a hot dog bun, the McLobster sells for about $6 Canadian and can be ordered with fries and a drink for about $2 more. ( Read McLobster more... )

The McLobster: Does it Exist?

Everyone wants to know whether McDonalds is adding the McLobster to its menu. The truth appears to be that in select maritime cities in Canada and New England the McLobster – a lobster roll sandwich – does, in fact, exist and is available seasonally.

There’s a Flickr group dedicated to the McLobster. Apparently there’s also a crabby version of the McLobster, aptly named the McCrab, that is available in “along the southern coast of the Delmarva peninsula (comprising parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia),” if you believe Wikipedia. ( Read McLobster more... )

McLobster: More McGross McCravings

As the internet rumor mill has started swirling about the new McDonald’s sandwich: The McLobster… I cannot help but remember my pregnancy craving a couple months ago which lead my right into the McDrive-thru for a McRib.

That turned out to be a giant mcmistake!

But as the rumors fly, I have to wonder how many people, and pregnant women in general would seriously consider eating a lobster sandwich from McDonalds? ( Read McLobster more... )

Why is “McLobster” Trending Today?

ou’ve read about it all morning on Twitter, and probably doubted its existence, but YES, THE MCLOBSTER IS REAL!

McDonalds just started running a new campaign for the McLobster roll, which will be available for a short time in participating restaurants, but apparently it’s not new.

The McLobster has been available during certain times for years now in Canada, New England and parts of Maine, where the Lobster roll is world famous, and the locals claim that it tastes, and is priced just like the rest of them in town. ( Read McLobster more... )


I hontesty thought this was some twisted Twitter joke. Apparently it’s not. Who wants to take bets on how quickly someone gets food posioning from this? GROSSSSSSS. ( Read McLobster more... )

McLobster rumor latest McDonald's McFail

For years, McDonald’s has been offering the McLobster sandwich in Canada, New England and parts of Maine where lobster rolls are popular.

But after the success of the limited distribution of the McRib in 2010, a rumor that the McLobster soon might be available at participating locations nationwide sent some websites and the Twitter universe into a cold, calculated frenzy on Wednesday.

Let me be the first to say — McDonald’s: What are you thinking?

The sandwich looks like somebody vomited into a hot dog bun, mixed it with garbage and served it with fries and a medium Coke. I understand the passion McDonald’s has to branch out to its customers and offer a wide variety of food, but the McLobster is a curious choice. ( Read McLobster more... )

The McLobster Rumor is McFake, Says McDonald's

All day long, the McLobster has been trending on Twitter. Rumors of this sandwich got us interested. Carlsbad Patch e-mailed the McDonald's media team and asked, "Is McDonald's really testing the McLobster in some U.S. cities?" A response came almost immediately asking where we got the information from and that it is false.

So, the McLobster is McFake, at least in the U.S., according to McDonald's. However, one of our Twitter followers said she's served and ordered it in Maine for years. She believes it's a seasonal summer menu item. McDonald's tells us it's not available in Maine. ( Read McLobster more... )

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