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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stevo Poulin is Wrestling Champ Kid

Watch this unbelievable kid, Stevo Poulin as he topples everyone in wrestling regardless of size. Where is he getting all the strength? Watch out MMA.

Here is some of 2010 Brute National Champion Stevo Poulin’s lastest and greatest.

Stevo Poulin, Future MMA Star?

Anybody see Stevo Poulin all over the internet. This kid has crazy sick skills.( Read Stevo Poulin more... )

Stevo Poulin, 8 Year Old Wrestling Phenomena

Here’s a video from the 2010 Brute National Championship and some of STEVO’s lastest and greatest. If anything about this kid has you bewildered check out his Leg Cradle around 1.51 minutes into the video. Stevo hails out of Schuylerville, N.Y, and sports a 256-26 record.( Read Stevo Poulin more... )

8-Year-Old Wrestler Stevo Poulin Is Just Killing It (Video)

Some might think that the mohawk on Stevo Poulin’s head is there to intimidate his opponents. I would argue that this 8-year-old wrestling phenom could be wearing curling rolls and a hairnet on his head and the rest of the kids would still be frightened by his presence on the mat.( Read Stevo Poulin more... )

Courtesy : Daily Postal , Psychout Promotions , Fantasy Knuckleheads & Total Pro Sports

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