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Friday, 30 April 2010

Cowboys Paradise
Community Kuta, Bali, protesting the content of a documentary film about a gigolo or male entertainer woman in Kuta Beach who is now circulating in internet. They said the film did not depict the actual tourist area of Kuta.

Kuta community leaders Made Suparta Karang said, the film discredit the Kuta community who had always known with their hospitality. According to him, currently Kuta is very heterogeneous, because inhabited by foreigners or natives.

“The natives were not only people of Kuta, and even more from the outside Kuta, even outside of Bali. Circulation of a gigolo movie which made filmed in Kuta will hurt the image of the Kuta, whereas most the story likely was not culprit by prople of Kuta,” he said, Saturday (24 / 4).

The film titled Cowboys Paradise, can be watched on video downloads site At the site internet users can watch the documentary film that lasted two minutes more.

The movie of Kuta gigolo documentary film opens with an introductory greeting picture of a man in Kuta Beach. In addition to an introductory greeting, the man who had long hair and bespectacled it also offers his services to accompany a female tourist from overseas during the holidays in Bali.

In other movie, internet users also can watch the various activities of adult male and female of foreign tourists in Kuta Beach. The movie also display pieces of several interviews that explore the gigolo world in the area of Kuta Beach.

Protest was also conveyed by Made Juliadi, a liquor merchant in Kuta Beach. According to him, Kuta is famous for its sunset, white sand, surf and culture. Therefore, he states did not agree on a story in the film. “Not all tourists coming to Kuta to find sex,” he said.

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Drydocks Batam Starts Operation on Monday

Drydocks Batam

After Batam riot few days ago, PT Drydocks World Graha Batam will be back in operation again next Monday.

Chief Executive Officier (CEO) of PT Drydock World Graha, Denis Welch said that Drydock Nanindah and Drydock Pratama have reactivated.

Denish on the occasion of a press conference with reporters after meeting with Muspida (Regional Leadership Council) apologized for the tragedy of the riots. “We have long-term investment here,” he said.

He claimed losses due to this tragedy occurred on both sides.

Denis claims to have received a strongly worded call from his clients from London and America.

Drydocks are currently has two construction projects of high-tech ships of both countries. “There’s no way this project is delayed,” he said as quoted from page of Batam Pos.

About the salary, he promised to do so in accordance with prevailing regulations.

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