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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

google chrome, chrome, google browser, fast browserIt's been a full week since Google Chrome has been released so I thought I'd post a review. The primary aspects of web browsing that Google brings to the table with this browser is the way it loads and manages memory. When websites open, the graphics, javacript, CSS and HTML all have to load smoothly, otherwise the browser encounters problems. If any component is slow loading or stalls, then the whole browser can crash. With the other web browsers, if one page is having problems, it can take down the whole program and all other tabs. Chrome has split up these processes into individual components. So if there is difficulties with flash, the browser can skip that part and continue loading the javascript, images and the rest of the content. Modern operating systems run the same way.

If one program crashes, the other applications will still function. Chrome is a browser that performs in the same manner. In addition, Google Chrome also manages tabs separately. If one tab crashes, the rest of your open sites will remain accessible and unscathed.

Another advantage Chrome has is security. No other business understands the Internet like Google does. Because of this, they have the inside knowledge to block hazardous or malicious websites faster than anyone else. This helps safeguard visitors from websites that pose a risk. It is also secure in bringing the Incognito Window which lessens the chance that those sharing the same computer may snoop in on your browsing habits.

Chrome also provides a more organized approach to the browsing experience with less clutter. Google borrows very heavily from Opera and Firefox, almost shamelessly, but it seems every new web browser is going to be seen as a recycled version of a previous browser anyway. When I tested Google Chrome, it did a fairly decent job and was reasonably quick. There are many features missing, but how many other first version browsers do you know that have performed better than this.

Overall I'm impressed and potentially see Chrome being my default browser after developers start creating add-ons and plugins to replace those I've come to expect in Firefox. I definitely recommend downloading the Chrome Browser if you're a Windows user.

From: SurfChrome

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