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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Piper PalinPiper Palin shares her mom's hot and cold attitude toward the media

Piper Palin, even at the ripe old age of 10, is skeptical about the media. Who can blame her? The media and the public have shown an unusually strong attraction to her mother, Sarah Palin, despite the fact that the hockey mom no longer holds public office and hasn't announced that she's running for president or even vice president.

And yet there they are following her family around the East Coast with their microphones, notebooks and questions.

"Thanks for ruining our vacation," Piper told Time photographer Dima Gavrysh in Philadelphia.

Gavrysh shouldn't take it personally. Piper was especially frigid to the media in the City of Brotherly Love when reporters got a little too close to her mom. ( Read more... )

Piper Palin Joins Spotlight During Sarah's Tour

Piper Palin is quickly following in her mother's footsteps in her dealings with the media. Though garnering glowing reviews from various members of the press, Piper has repeatedly glowered and scowled her way through her family's bus tour of the United States

"Thanks for ruining our vacation," Piper told Time's photographer in Philadelphia

Gawker's Maureen O'Connell called Piper her favorite Palin. She described Piper as "a master of the stink-eye" who has "the unyielding determination of a young Dick Cheney" tempered with "the barely concealed malice of a young Karl Rove." ( Read more... )

Piper Palin Thinks This Is a Real Family Vacation

Here's something that might explain why Piper Palin felt compelled to shove her tiny 9-year-old body into a reporter in Philadelphia yesterday:

TIME correspondent Jay Newton-Small and photographer Dima Gavrysh followed Sarah Palin’s bus tour of historic sites up the eastern seaboard nearly 400 miles from Washington DC to New York City via Gettysburg and Philadelphia .... Her daughter Piper, however, didn’t appreciate all the media attention. “Thanks for ruining our vacation,” she said to our photographer. ( Read more... )
Piper Palin's 'family vacation'

While in Philadelphia yesterday, Piper Palin shoved a reporter out of the way and told TIME correspondent Jay Newton-Small and photographer Dima Gavrysh, "Thanks for ruining our family vacation." ( Read more... )

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