Worms From Hell

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Worms From Hell'Worms from Hell' Found Two Miles Deep in Earth

(EndPlay Staff Reports) - Researchers in a gold mine known for discoveries other than gold have found the " worms from hell."

The Washington Post reported that scientists found complex, multi-celled worms living about a mile below the planet's surface. The nematodes or roundworms, nicknamed "worms from hell," were found in gold mines in South Africa where scientists had previously found subterranean single-cell life. ( Read more... )

Worms from Hell Might Mean Worms from Mars

You know how sometimes a piece of awesome news turns sour because it opens the door for something terrible? That's what's happening in South Africa, where the discovery of "worms from Hell" means subterranean life on Mars is a lot more likely. Thing is, that "life" would probably be worms from Hell from Mars. ( Read more... )

Worms From Hell Unearthed

Scientists have recently discovered a new species of nematodes (roundworms) living nearly a mile below the earth’s surface, a distance that was previously believed to be uninhabitable by any animal.

Aptly named worms from hell, the creatures were discovered in the Beatrix gold mine in South Africa by lead researchers Gaetan Borgonie of the University of Ghent in Belgium and Tullis Onstott of Princeton University. ( Read more... )

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