Dolly Bindra’s Rising Popularity In Bigg Boss House

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Dolly BindraBigg Boss 4 is one big topsy turvy ride for the inmates as well as the audiences. This house has already created so many controversies, yet there is not an iota of change within the house inmate’s attitude towards each other. The moment they start to accept each other the way they are, something crops up, and everyone is at logger heads, trying to boost up their image and putting the other one down.

Now, the latest going ons in the house is of course, Dolly Bindra, and her all-time very vociferous opinions. As each day passes, she is getting into arguments with almost every member in the house.
It was on Thursday’s episode that she went on to lock horns with Sara Khan. But, as the scene was getting a bit too messy, as the new captain Ashmit Patel was intervening, as well as the other housemates coming in to solve the problem, it was discovered that Dolly Bindra was after all right!

Dolly’s popularity in the house is rising like feathers in a strong wind, and now, with every member trying to understand what exactly is irking the touchy Dolly, the entire house has turned its colors into a bright hue!

In the mean time, as Dolly Bindra’s popularity rising in the house, this week is going to be a very interesting one to watch out for!


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