YouTube Trivial Pursuit is as addictive as the real thing

Monday, 25 October 2010

YouTube Trivial Pursuit
Did you know that YouTube offers a spiffy online version of Trivial Pursuit? It's surprisingly addictive, too!

Each round consists of three questions, and one "Bet on Me" card. The three questions are real trivia questions, which can be quite challenging:

  • From Ghosts > Geography: Which U.S. landmark is said to be haunted by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln?
  • Drums > Science and Nature: What type of animal is a red drum?
  • Lost and Found > Entertainment: From what city did Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 depart when it crashed on a Pacific island in the television series Lost?
Tricky stuff, eh? I know! Note that I didn't write any of the answers so that I wouldn't spoil it for you. But the fourth card is the most fun, really; it's the Bet on Me card, which shows you a YouTube celebrity (think Tay Zonday) along with a question that they were asked. You have to guess whether or not they got the answer right.

You get chips (casino chips, not potato ones) every time you get an answer right or win a bet on a YouTube celeb. At the top of the board, you can see the overall tally – The People's Chips vs. YouTube Chips.

So far, The People are winning!


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