Endhiran & Rakta Charitra: Escaping and Embracing Reality

Monday, 25 October 2010

Endhirran1Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai starrer Endhiran also known as Robot was able to take people into a world of artificial intelligence where Chitti was loved and one had compassion for him and the feeling he developed for Sana. On the other hand it is difficult to put a finger on the emotions that runs while seeing Ram Gopal Verma’s Rakta Charitra, but one definitely feels the gruesomeness that the film portrays out.
These two films might be poles apart but it gives the audience a scope to both escape and embrace the realities of the society and the world at large. While Rakta Charitra without the balm of sophistication shows the blood thirsty goriness of the factional politics of India, where extremities rule, on the other hand Robot brought out the man’s obsession with power in another dimension. The power to prove and create something that is powerful than the human race.

In one way Robot easily lets the audience escape the realities of the world into a space of outrageous over-the-top action sequences. On the other hand it nudges the viewers into a probable world of robots and artificial intelligence, where human emotions and sense of right and wrong are being shadowed by the quest for power. Similarly Rakta Charitra might make one cringe with the goriness but it too gives a scope to escape and embrace the fanciful life of hating the system that’s at work.

Rakta Charitra rightly is not for people who hate films full of bloodshed because it is at galore there. But for those who doesn’t mind seeing it the film let’s you hold on to the characters who survive because one of the strongest human emotions revenge that has been curbed by the society. While it lets the audience views the politics that is at play in the world it also let you work out your carnal desire of eradicating the system.

Both the films are clicking with the audience with their own individual ways and working on human emotions.

–Monimalika Sengupta / Tellycafe.com


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