Rakta Charitra: Paritala Ravi and his impact on box office

Monday, 25 October 2010

Rakta CharitraRakta Charitra, starring Vivek Oberoi as protagonist Paritala Ravi, has opened with a dramatic effect on the cinema halls riding high on some big mouthed dialogues by its director Ram Gopal Verma.

And now that the film has finally rammed into the theatres on Friday, 22nd October, a huge buzz has taken off due to the sheer savage carnage of bloodshed this film provides. Based on the life of the Andhra Pradesh politician Paritala Ravi, this flick captures in rawness the ugly rise of power and its manifestation.
Vivek Oberoi, who revels in such strong negative characters, has come out with flying colours yet again, portraying his character with full conviction and confidence. And with the critics, themselves, astonished at the unapologetic goriness dished by RGV the spectators are crashing the theatres in hundreds to gape at this bloodbath!

The film opened poorly, particularly, in the north. It did a decent business on the opening day in south in Telugu language. But now with a strong word of mouth and ‘Hiss’ and ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ failing to provide much competition, Rakta Charitra is picking up momentum and looks set to rule the 1st week with unbridled audacity.


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