Winamp for Android beta is full-featured and offers wireless media sync

Monday, 25 October 2010

Winamp for AndroidEarlier today Nullsoft pushed a beta version of Winamp onto the Android Market -- it's free, and should work on all Android 2.1+ phones. There is also a new desktop version of Winamp that you'll need ('full', not 'lite'!) to make full use of the Android app.

Winamp for Android's key feature -- and indeed, the only real feature that it brings to a very saturated media player market -- is that it wirelessly syncs with your desktop Winamp music library. You can also sync via USB (which is a lot faster). I ran into a few issues trying to sync with Wi-Fi, but it did eventually work.
Nullsoft's offering doesn't bring a whole lot more to the party. There is a desktop widget, so you can control your music without having to open Winamp -- and it can also hook into your phone's lock screen, which is neat. The playback controls are available at the bottom of every screen, too -- so whether you're curating a playlist or searching through albums, you can still stop and start the music. Oh, there's scrobbling too!

All in all it's a very promising start for Winamp on Android. It's not mind-blowingly awesome, but if you use Winamp on the desktop, this app is surely a must-have.

Check out the gallery below for a better idea of the 'omnipresent' playback controls, and the wireless sync.


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