Baltimore County Public Schools Early Release Over Heat Wave

Thursday, 2 September 2010

There is a major heat wave that has caused Baltimore County Public Schools to close early today. The heat index is so high that the schools, many of which, are not air conditioned will be closing two hours early as a high of 93 is expected in the region.

After school activities will be determined on a case by case basis according to the Patch. Afternoon Pre-K is cancelled today.

Baltimore County has a total of 173 schools, and of those, about 50-60 have little or no air conditioning, which can be a major problem for students and staff when the temperatures are so high. This early dismissal has caused a bit of a nightmare with the logistics of getting 70,000 students on 800 buses home to their parents unexpectedly early.

The students in the district are undoubtedly excited to have some unexpected time off so early in the school year. Hopefully everybody can get home safely and stay cool.

by Kate James


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