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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Google Translate

If you are a Google Translate user, you may have seen that, starting from yesterday, the provided service is a lot easier to use.

From what we’ve seen, this service is translating instantly. This means that, while you are typing, you get the translation for each word instantly, without having to press any other button. Though, you still have to select what languages would you like to use.

Google implemented some large lists of words, therefore, the chances of not getting what you need, will decrease seriously. In fact, 98% of the Internet users can get the proper translation, because Google has a large vocabulary for about 51 languages.

Also, they have implemented a new feature called text-to-speech. This will allow users to hear actually what they are translating.

And, according to Awaneesh Verma, Product Manager for this service, Google will update monthly the database, in order to satisfy its user needs.


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