Hurricane Earl: Ocracoke Island is evacuated

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl continues its brewing in the Western Atlantic while the authorities from Outer Banks have started to evacuate Ocracoke Island with the ferry.

During vacations time, Ocracoke Island has about 5000 tourists and it is accessible only by ferry. If a hurricane was to hit the island, the damages would be devastating.

Hurricane Earl is still a major concern although it has gotten a downgrade to Category 3 from Category 4. As far as recent weather forecasts have shown up, the hurricane is moving northwest at about 16 miles per hour. According to the National Hurricane Center, Outer Banks of NC may experience strong winds and that means that Earl would be too close of Ocracoke Island and may change its course anytime. And the risk of knocking trees and power lines is too big.

Fortunately, Labor Day weekend will be a great weekend for those of you who live in New Jersey. The storm will skip N.J. but there is a chance of raining. The odds are not that great for Massachusetts and North Carolina, since these areas might be hit by Hurricane Earl. At 8.a.m Earl was 180 miles east of San Salvador in the Bahamas. The winds were strong 125 miles per hour.

It is expected to skirt the U.S. East coast on Thursday and Friday. Expect heavy rain and very powerful and dangerous winds of 130 miles an hour. If you’re driving and the hurricane has caught up with you, don’t panic. Just get out of the car, find a shelter (a basement is good) or drive your car under the nearest and lowest bridge. Make sure there aren’t fallen power lines near you or your car if you are in it. It may be dangerous, especially since there’s also the risk of flooding.


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