Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn moon cake and SMS

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Way home, occasionally looking up, found that there was a little moon light stab eyes. A friend told me yesterday, because the present-day Beijing to clean and more than in the past, so often at night can see the stars and the moon, so he had intended to buy a telescope at home, watching the heavens. I encouraged him to buy a special high-level telescope looking at the stars, the addition of one asked him: "Beware of peeping neighbors sue you, this one; also carefully noted the police you thought you were in the window frame of terrorist weaponry! Recent a movie called: "wind", then back together with a 'tight' word, it is precisely the atmosphere around us today. "

Before and after Mid-Autumn Festival, received a lot of moon cake. Out of the box are especially beautiful, one level open, inside a small bread 4, its appearance is not Yang. Then think of the classic comic dialogue "scratch" the. Do not eat this thing for several years, and he looked like a little piece of good points, just had one, he climbs to fail, quickly drink, then gave up.

More moon cake box, is received and then transferred to someone else. Estimated or another given away after the others received. It also estimates that real people eat moon cake, very little. But you gave me, I sending him. Moving back and forth for some favor, to save the feast does not do dry.

In addition to outside of the Mid-Autumn moon cake is the large number of messages received. Absolute majority, and entirely without creativity is also empty of content. Simply to say hello to each other and remind each have their own Do not completely forgotten.

Annual festivals, New Year, will receive this message numerous articles. But often they like spam, but even after a large number of deleted.

There are 12 rare message is really very interesting series.

Mid-Autumn Festival this year, and gave them numerous messages, there are several very interesting indeed -

Such as this one: "overtime sweat of the poor, the rich play sweating; written materials, the poor, the rich reading material; due to poor personal money, public money is owed to the rich; sugar is poor , urine is rich; drinking degree view of the poor, the rich drink brand watch; married wife of the poor, including my grandmother is wealthy; arable land is poor, the sale of the land is rich; my wife To act as the secretary of the poor, but also serve as Secretary of the rich wife ... ... "

Although the content is no novelty, but better than the end of September reported that dozens more slogans, more people feel and memory.

There are also two text messages, The result is really very creative. A name is "Top Ten since the founding of Gold"; another name is "sex with an official with ten common and different." Only because of the content not suitable for children too, so not released here.


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