Bom Sabado virus attacks Orkut, posts auto scraps

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Orkut, Bom SabadoJust few days after the social networking site Twitter attacked by virus which sent its followers to porn sites, another popular networking hub Orkut also affected by virus.

Orkut, which is very popular in India, has been hit by a worm
named 'Bom Sabado', which means 'Good Saturday' in Portuguese. Analysts told that the virus attacked the XSS (cross-site scripting) of the site. This virus posted scraps to the Orkut users with the text Bom Sabado and is sent to the users account by the name of the other friends account. Making it more severe the worm also adds affected users to new Orkut groups.

The security experts warned the users not to not log into their Orkut account until the problem gets solved. Users also asked not to click on any suspicious links.

Earlier on Sep 2010, the most popular social networking hub with more than 500 million users, Facebook, also faced networking glitches due to an outside technical problem. It was Facebook's most tragic outrage in its history.


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