Mizushima Hiro Quits the Entertainment Industry to Become a Writer

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

It is announced that actor Mizushima Hiro resigned from his entertainment agency KEN-ON on September 20th. "Comparing I prefer writing to being foreground." as reported by Mizushima. While he has been known that he likes "reading" on serveral TV programs, it's the first time he revealed his interests in writing.

In 2006, Mizushima played the main role in "Kamen Rider Kabuto" which won high popularity for him. It also became a hot topic when he married Ayaka, who was in the same entertainment agency, in Feburary 2009.

His hompage has been closed on September 21st. And he will start writing novels or so from now on. It is also quite a rare case for an artist to resign from the company while the movie he is starring is still on air.


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