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Friday, 4 March 2011

Faith Kroll, Jim Marcus
Who is Faith Kroll and What Was She Doing at Northwestern University?

Faith Kroll and fiance Jim Marcus shocked students as they performed a sexual act for an after-class demonstration.

This happened on February 21st following Professor John Bailey’s human sexuality course at Northwestern University.

Students were shown a video on the female orgasm in class but Jim Marcus and fiancĂ© Faith Kroll believed it wasn’t realistic. ( Read Faith Kroll more... )

Faith Kroll showed sex act to students

Faith Kroll and fiancee used a sex-toy in optional after-class lecture at Northwestern.

Faith Kroll, 25, and fiancee Jim Marcus, 45, were two of the four adults who were a part of the optional seminar regarding kink and fetish that followed Professor J. Michael Bailey’s human sexuality class at Northwestern University. Marcus used a high-powered sex toy on naked Kroll in front of more than 100 students.

Northwestern University President, Morton Schapiro, was not pleased with the act. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Schapiro said in a statement he was “troubled and disappointed” and plans on launching a further investigation. ( Read Faith Kroll more... )

Faith Kroll : Faith Kroll In Sex Demo At Northwestern University

Faith Kroll and fiancee Jim Marcus shocked students as they performed a sexual act for an after-class demonstration.

The demonstration took place February 21st and followed Professor John Bailey’s “Human Sexuality” class at Northwestern University and had nearly 100 Northwestern University students show up to watch as Faith Kroll was penetrated by her fiancĂ©e with a sex toy.

The woman, Faith Kroll, 25, lay naked on a towel as she was penetrated in front of some 100 students from Bailey’s class. The demonstration was part of an optional after-class discussion about the female orgasm. Faith and her fiancee, Jim Marcus, 45, were out to prove to the class that female orgasm is real after deciding that a video the students were watching on the female orgasm was not realistic. Kroll continued to take off her clothes and she and Jim Marcus climbed on the stage and the pair demonstrated the use of a motorized device with a phallic object attached to it. ( Read Faith Kroll more... )

Faith Kroll Photos & Twitter: Woman at Center of Fucksaw Scandal

Fucksaw Demonstration at Northwestern: Faith Kroll Responds to Critics Via Twitter

Faith Kroll (photo), who took part in a live sex-toy demonstration during a lecture at Northwestern University, has taken to Twitter to explain to those just finding out about the fucksaw story just what was going on on that stage. ( Read Faith Kroll more... )

Northwestern University defends after-class live sex demonstration

More than 100 Northwestern University students watched as a naked 25-year-old woman was penetrated by a sex toy wielded by her fiancee during an after-class session of the school’s popular “Human Sexuality” class.

The woman said she showed up at the Feb. 21 lecture in the Ryan Family Auditorium in Evanston expecting just to answer questions, but was game to demonstrate. The course’s professor on Wednesday acknowledged some initial hesitation, but said student feedback was “uniformly positive.”

And Northwestern defended the class and its professor. ( Read Faith Kroll more... )

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