The Walking Dead Season 2

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2
Breaking! First Hints of 'Walking Dead' Season 2!

The Walking Dead crew - like many of their ilk - are tight-lipped about any upcoming secrets. But at tonight's panel at Paleyfest in Los Angeles, more than a little was inferred about season two. Read on after the jump...

Will Michael Rooker's character, Merle, be back? Exec producer Frank Darabont promises that they are "investigating possibilities," while show producer and comic creator Robert Kirkman followed up with, "lots of possibilities." The one thing Darabont promised is that Merle will not return as governor. But it seems pretty safe to assume Merle will return. ( Read The Walking Dead Season 2 more... )

Walking Dead Season 2 to Feature a Lava Planet? *lowers head in shame*

Frank Darabont’s Walking Dead TV series on AMC was no doubt a critical and public success. Much like the comic from which it’s based it’s a rich, smart, character driven story about what happens when a group of people are forced to survive in a world ruled by the dead. It’s filled with great moments of suspense, psychological terror and gut wrenching loss. However, much to the chagrin of fans, the show differed from the comic, quite a bit actually. New characters and new situations were added (Red necks, gang that takes care of elderly at nursing home, Finale at the Center of Disease Control.. etc).

The goal being to give people a who have read the comic a reason to watch. Apparently, the creatives behind the show thought that if fans knew what was coming then they would have no interest in watching. Personally, that pissed me off. While I did enjoy these added bits, it wasn’t what I knew. I wanted to see everything transpire on screen that I read in hand. It’s like going to your favorite restaurant to order your favorite meal and the chef changes the recipe. It’s not what you wanted. ( Read The Walking Dead Season 2 more... )

"Jersey Shore" Season 2 Episode 23 Recap: Done with a capital D

Wow, I mean really, just wow. I have nothing to say about how horrid this show is becoming and I now know why they have been sent to the Motherland. Because they're getting too old and too boring for MTV, that's why. You can't consume enough wine to make this any better either, believe me I've TRIED. Ok, here comes your recap...

The good

Snooki-Awwww lil' Snooks finally tried to tell Vinny how she felt. It sounded a little something like, don't take any other girls home, and not at all like Vinny I like you, but's Snooki! You weren't expecting Shakespeare now, were you? ( Read The Walking Dead Season 2 more... )

Robert Kirkman Reveals ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Details

The man behind ‘The Walking Dead’, Robert Kirkman, reveals some details about the highly-anticipated second season of AMC’s hit zombie drama.

With the first season of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray next week, the famed creator of The Walking Dead comic (and series writer) Robert Kirkman revealed some details about the series’ highly-anticipated second season.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman notes the current status of The Walking Dead season 2 production, where we’ll see Rick and Co. head next in their attempt at survival (Hershel’s farm) and how they will continue to develop the look of the series’ already iconic zombies. ( Read The Walking Dead Season 2 more... )

Robert Kirkman On 'The Walking Dead' Season 2, Shane's Future, The CDC Arc, And More!

The Walking Dead"The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season" arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray next week, collecting the first, six-episode season of the AMC television series based on the award-winning comic book.

With a second season now in production and former police officer Rick Grimes and the rest of the series' core cast of characters on the road once again, MTV News managed to get "The Walking Dead" creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman on the line to chat about the series' impressive first season and what's to come for the hit show. ( Read The Walking Dead Season 2 more... )

The Walking Dead Creator on Season 2: "This World Will Get More Dangerous"

No one was more flabbergasted by the breakout success of AMC's The Walking Dead than Robert Kirkman, the man who wrote the graphic novels that inspired the zombie drama.

"I'm frankly shocked. You always hope this stuff will be successful, but never in a million years did I think the TV show would catch on to this degree," Kirkman tells "Now we've got Zippo lighters and mugs, T-shirts and Walking Dead-brand gum and perfume. It's definitely strange to be at the center of what, I guess, is a phenomenon. I'm quite enjoying it, but it does startle me at times." ( Read The Walking Dead Season 2 more... )

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