Friday, 4 March 2011


Myxer – Free Ringtones and Wallpaper

Looking for a new ringtone to spice up your phone when your mother calls? Look no further than Myxer for your free ringtones and wallpaper. Myxer offers a variety of free funky sounds as well as paid downloads of ringtones from your favorite artists. ( Read Myxer more... )

Mix Your Own Ringtones with Myxer For Free

Do you want to create and mix your own ringtones? You can mix your own ringtones for free using Myxer. Why Myxer? Myxer is a website that allows you to download and create ringtones for your cell phone, or upload them to their server so other users can download them for their phones. With an MP3 file located on your computer, you upload it to the website and perform basic editing functions to single out a section of the song for conversion to your phone’s ringtone format. Most cell phones and carriers are selected, though occasionally, massive delays in the delivery of your new ringtone can occur. ( Read Myxer more... )

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