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Presenting An All New Search Engine, Greplin. Search With A Difference

When it comes to internet search, there is only one name that stands out among all the rest, Google Inc. With its incredible search capabilities, Google is one company that has more competitors than friends and the latest addition to this list is an all new search engine, Greplin, that has taken a rather new approach of providing user-authorized social networking search, wherein users can easily get their social presence such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Documents, Salesforce, etc. indexed for search purposes.

The most remarkable fact about Greplin, is that, it has been founded by a 19 year old tech enthusiast, Daniel Gross, a Israeli national, who moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and came up with the idea while working with Y Combinator and Greplin co-founder, Robby Walker. ( Read Greplin more... )

How This 19-Year-Old Is Taking On Google

Where might you want to search that Google can't reach? The social slice of the Web, plus everything that an individual has password-protected hovering in the cloud, has been largely off-limits to traditional search engines.

Well, until an Israeli high-school graduate took a hiatus from Army duty to spend three months at Y Combinator, bombed on a few projects, and then struck gold in his last 48 hours at the start-up incubator. ( Read Greplin more... )

Greplin: personalizing search for your online world

An Israeli teenager, Daniel Gross, is behind one of the more interesting entrants in the search engine field in recent times. He and co-founder Robby Walker launched Greplin last month in California's Bay Area, and have quickly raised around $5 million in investment capital.

The site allows you to plug in your various social networks -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn -- and Google's Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, plus your info from DropBox and Yammer. Greplin indexes all the information in your various networks and makes them all searchable. You can search for people, or events, or streams, or files. (It would be great if it connected with Yahoo and Flickr, too.) ( Read Greplin more... )

Greplin launches, makes your life more searchable

Performing a search on the Internet can be a haphazard affair. You know what you are looking for, but the search results brought up by your favorite search engine are filled with links that don’t lead to the information you are after. Refining your search helps, but then it can still be a hit and miss affair and the results are never matched to you.

There’s another emerging problem for the individual user who relies more and more on web based services. With growing amounts of information stored in services like Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Facebook, to name but a few, how on earth do you keep track of it all, or find something specific within this mass of data? ( Read Greplin more... )

Greplin Search Engine Tackles Facebook, Twitter

Companies like Google help us search the Web. But they can’t comb through all the information people have in social-networking accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and online offerings such Google Docs or Calendar. Enter Greplin.

The startup on Wednesday is introducing what it calls “the search bar for your life,” hoping to address this sort of problem: If someone is looking for a message from a friend, a link to a funny video, or a digital invitation to tomorrow night’s party, is it in their Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account? ( Read Greplin more... )

Greplin: One-stop search through your social network stream and cloud data

Are you starting to have trouble tracking your information across social networks, the Web and into the cloud? If you're a power user who can't always resist a shiny, new, useful -- or just plain cool -- Web app, the folks behind Greplin are betting that you'd like to get a handle on all that scattered data.

The idea has appeal even for those who don't need to track a widespread social network across multiple services, but who do have several ways for storing information they access (and share) at home, in the office and on the road. In my case, some is in Google Docs, more has been saved to Evernote, and lately I've started using Dropbox to sync some local files so they're available to me anywhere. ( Read Greplin more... )


你想搜索那些Google搜不到的东西吗?比如社交网站,以及那些存在云端、有密码保护的个人信息。一名19岁的以色列高中生毕业生放弃了兵役,在Y Combinator里呆了三个月,尝试了几个项目,并在最后的48小时内做出一个产品,最后受到了投资者的青睐。19岁的Daniel Gross和他的27岁的共同创始人Robby Walker一起开发了Greplin,一个需要获得用户授权的搜索引擎,它可以访问Facebook、Twitter、Google文档、 Salesforce等内容。该网站在2月底刚刚上线。Inc.com对19岁的Daniel进行了采访。

Greplin是怎么来的? ( Read Greplin more... )


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