Friday, 11 March 2011

Napping, Weight Loss Diet Plans
Napping to Improve Weight Loss Diet Plans

For years studies have shown how a good night’s sleep can better prepare one’s brain for a day of learning. Now recent studies are showing that quick naps before learning new information is another way to increase memorization. The study looked at a variety of volunteers who took a nap lasting around one and a half hours directly before doing a memorization exercise.

Weight Loss Diet Plans

The results showed that those who napped prior to the exercise scored almost 20 percent more than those who did not nap before the exercise and found improvements in their weight loss goals. The study showed that people go about their everyday business their ability to learn and retain information decreases. Ones who did not nap and did the exercise both in the morning and the afternoon showed much better results in the first set of exercises.

Weight Loss and Exercises

Those who napped actually did better on the second set of exercises compared to the first set. This suggests that napping not only reboots the memory capacity, but actually improves it all together. The result makes a case for the way some Europeans schedule their workdays around a mid-day siesta.

Source : Adi News

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