Gatsby Mansion

Friday, 11 March 2011

Gatsby Mansion

The Great Gatsby mansion in NY set to be destroyed

The beautiful 25-room mansion on Long Island that has been claimed to inspire F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic tale "The Great Gatsby" is getting ready to be demolished to make room for a subdivision.

Cincinnati local Mary H stated "This is sad. that home is a beautiful piece of history. Why does it have to be destroyed, why not made into a museum or an inn.? I hate when nice historical structures are wasted."

Yahoo News reported that Randy Bond, who is the Sands point village clerk on New York;s Long Island has revealed that in place of the mansion five houses worth about $10 million each will be built on the propriety location.

The Great Gatsby Movie Trailer

It has been claimed by some experts that F. Scott Fitzgerald was believed to have used the 1902 property as a model of the home of Gatsby character Daisy Buchanan. Today's property owner has stated that he believes the "Gatsby Mansion" connection is exaggerated.

The current owner's name is David Brodsky, he reveals that his family purchased the mansion in 2004, and has listed the property condition as beyond repair.

Newsday reported that historians in the area have revealed that numerous mansions in the area have been lost in the past 50 years because of rising taxes and the high cost of maintaining the properties.

Cincinnati what do you think a great loss of a superb piece of history? Is this just another piece of history lost to laziness and greed? Share your thoughts here with others.

Source : Examiner

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