Abram Boise

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Abram Boise
Abram Boise : Abram Boise Arrested

MTV’s Abram Boise,28, from Montana, was arrested this past weekend in Massachusetts after cops caught him urinating in public. He was arrested on two counts of defacing property and one count of indecent exposure!

Reportedly, while in his jail cell, Boise defecated on his hand and threw it around his cell. Boise is said to be arraigned today. ( Read Abram Boise more... )

MTV Star Abram Boise Arrested, Smeared Poop in His Cell!

MTV bad boy Abram Boise was arrested over the weekend, and while waiting in his jail cell, he defecated in his hands – and smeared it all over his jail cell, according to law enforcement. ( Read Abram Boise more... )

Real World’s Abram Boise to visit the Wesley House on book tour

Abram Boise, MTV’s star of Road Rules Challenge/Real World, will be visiting the Wesley House at 4 p.m. Feb. 22. He will be reading his new children’s book, The Star of Happiness, which he authored and illustrated.

In addition to his book reading he will be sharing:

-Why an MTV cast member is touring the country with a kids book in a cuddly bear suit.

-Stories of his own journey to find happiness despite the hardships that he has faced in making his book a reality over the last seven years. ( Read Abram Boise more... )

MTV's Abram Boise arrested

Reality TV star Abram Boise has reportedly been arrested.

Boise has appeared on a number of MTV reality shows, including The Gauntlet, Road Rules and The Island.

Massachusetts police took Boise into custody over the weekend on two counts of defacing property and one count of indecent exposure. He was found urinating in public, reports TMZ. ( Read Abram Boise more... )

Courtesy : Long Island Press , ICYDK , Knox News & Digital Spy

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