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Friday, 4 March 2011

Brandon Davies
Vai Talks BYU Honor Code

Our own Vai Sikahema knows a thing or two about the strict Mormon honor code at Brigham Young University

Vai went to BYU and explains how the honor code and its enforcement sets his Alma Mater apart and could possibly hurt their basketball team's chances to go all the way after a player was kicked off the team for violating the code. ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

Has BYU Done Right by Brandon Davies?

Sometimes the world of sports tees up good LB topics even if the facts at hand don’t concern criminal offenses, civil suits or, for that matter, the court system at all.

Most of these situations involve someone (an umpire, referee or other official) applying a rule in a way that either seems overly draconian or, less frequently, too lenient. At issue in each case: how to apply a law to an individual set of facts. Often the question breaks down like this: Should a law or rule be applied formalistically, that is, rigidly (collateral costs be damned)? Or should the arbiter consider alternative applications of the rule so that an arguably fairer result is reached? ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

Sports Replay: BYU honor code violations, crime in college football and the 'real' Lamar Odom

John Canzano's Thursday column addresses the dismissal of Brandon Davies from BYU's basketball team for an honor code violation, and the Salt Lake Tribune has a source that says Davies' transgression was having sex with his girlfriend. This might seem strict in some circles, but BYU is not shy about sharing this honor code with students and athletes.

Davies knew what was expected of him and failed to comply. What do you think? Tell me in the comments section below.

And onto some real crime, as opposed to honor code violations: Sports Illustrated and CBS News ran criminal background checks on college football's top 25 teams. The investigation appears to be much more thorough than what teams conduct on recruits and even looked into juvenile arrests where available. The results for Oregon and Oregon State: the Ducks have seven players charged, the Beavers four. The story says Pittsburgh leads the pack with 22. ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

A Look At BYU's Honor Code, Which Brandon Davies Violated By Having Premarital Sex

On Monday, sophomore BYU forward Brandon Davies admitted to school officials that he violated the school's honor code by having sex with his girlfriend. As a consequence, Davies has been dismissed from the team.

The school's decision brings renewed attention to its honor code. According to BYU's website, these are the honor code's requirements: ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

BYU Honor Code

Reasons for the BYU Code

Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University—Hawaii, Brigham Young University—Idaho, and LDS Business College exist to provide an education in an atmosphere consistent with the ideals and principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That atmosphere is created and preserved through commitment to conduct that reflects those ideals and principles. Members of the faculty, administration, staff, and student body at BYU, BYU—Hawaii, BYU—Idaho, and LDSBC are selected and retained from among those who voluntarily live the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

BYU Honor Code Violation: Davies Banned For Premarital Sex

After the Brigham Young men's basketball team dispatched San Diego State last Saturday in one of the most hyped athletic events in this city's history, pundits across the country read last rites to the Aztecs' hopes of landing a top seed in a regional bracket.

This piece of good stuff, which helps a team's aspirations of a Final Four bid, was assuredly going to go to third-ranked Brigham Young.

But that was then. This is now. ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

Brandon Davies Suspended for Violating BYU Honor Code

Brandon Davies, a star college basketball player for Brigham Young University, is "extremely remorseful" for violating the school's honor code, according a report.

His transgression: premarital sex.

The Utah-based school, operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently suspended Davies from tho No. 3 ranked squad, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

Only relevant question: Was Davies treated like any BYU student?

Let the overreaction to Mormonism begin.

Also, the overreaction to BYU. And to athletes' privileges and responsibilities. And to premarital sex, and honor codes, and caffeine.

Yes, we can see a national debate forming over the Brandon Davies story, and when you have a national debate in this here piece of land, you go off the rails pretty damned quickly.

Fortunately, there's me. Well, fortunately for me, there's me, anyway.

Let's break this down. The debate is not about Mormonism, or about BYU's honor code, or even about Brandon Davies' willpower, or even the perceived lawlessness of college sports. I mean, it can be if you want it to, but you'll be fighting in taverns a lot. ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

Brandon Davies decision: BYU not at fault for upholding honor code

Brandon Davies decision: BYU not at fault for upholding honor code ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

BYU 'honor' shocks nation that treasures wins

"One athlete out of every seven engaged in intercollegiate competition is 'subsidized' to a point bordering upon professionalism."

In case you are of the mistaken notion that the current generation invented the kind of passion for college athletics that puts players in a privileged class and distorts the purpose of higher education, consider that the above paragraph greeted readers of the New York Times on the morning of Oct. 24, 1929.

The subject was what became known as "Bulletin 23," a report from the Carnegie Foundation that indicted colleges for using slush funds and unethical recruiting practices, all to lure young men to play in leather helmets and flimsy shoulder pads. ( Read BYU Honor Code more... )

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