Jim Carrey Died Snowboard Accident

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey Died: Jim Carrey Snowboard Accident

Jim Carrey appears to be the victim of the latest Internet death hoax as rumors began swirling online Wednesday suggesting the actor and comedian had died in a snowboard accident.

There are no confirmed media reports that Jim Carrey is dead. The only story claiming that Jim Carrey died is an online post by an unknown source.

In more upbeat Jim Carrey news, it was reported earlier this week that he'll be teaming up with Jeff Daniels for a sequel to their hit 1994 film Dumb and Dumber. ( Read Jim Carrey Died Snowboard Accident more... )

Jim Carrey Died in A Snowboard Accident?!

It’s Twiter again that sparks the rumor about the death of a celebrity. This time, comedian Jim Carrey becomes the victim. Tweets about Jim Carrey’s death has been buzzing around today. However, there is no credible source who can confirm Jim Carrey’s death.

According to tweets on Twiter, Jim Carrey is reportedly died in a snowboard accident in Zermatt, Switzerland on March 2, 2011. Anothe story is telling that Jim Carrey is died in a Frankfurt shooting. ( Read Jim Carrey Died Snowboard Accident more... )

Jim Carrey Died In Snowboard Accident

In the vast and unapologetic world that is called the internet, celebrities die on a daily basis. And for Jim Carrey, thus is the case. But no, he is not really dead…I think.

There is a internet hoax currently going around that Carrey died on a snowboarding trip in Switzerland. So is it true? Did Jim Carrey really die? ( Read Jim Carrey Died Snowboard Accident more... )

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