Justine Bateman

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Justine Bateman
Wake up and Get Real: Kelly & Justine's Christmas Gift Ideas

This is better than a Haul Video! Handcrafted crochet & leather items, electronics, and airport gift store picks. What are your favorite gift ideas? ( Read Justine Bateman more... )

Hyundai swaps Justin Bateman for Jeff Bridges on Oscars ad blitz

Hyundai is giving actor Jeff Bridges the hook — but just for one night. He’s being replaced by Justin Bateman as the voiceover for the nine commercials that the automaker plans to run tonight before and during the Academy Awards ceremony.

Just like last year, when Bridges won best actor for Crazy Heart, Hyundai says it’s trying to stay within academy rules by not using a nominee in a commercial. Bridges is a nominee for True Grit. The automaker says it’s giving Bridges the night off. How sweet. ( Read Justine Bateman more... )

Advertising And The Oscars: Justin Bateman Pulls Up In A Hyundai

2011 Hyundai Sonata: Good Things Come In Threes - Oscar Commercial - Youtube Video

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Courtesy : The Huffington Post , Hyundai Cars.co.za & AD Pulp

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