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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Inception Trailer

Inception Movie: It is true if any one tell America is in number one to fulfill audience entertainment side. There are various genre movies come out with different key notes. Some of directors succeeded to provide mature movies while some directors render immature films. Inception is amazing mature movie which flows with really fantastic theme. It is difficult to think about this kind of movie story as no one will success to do this kind of movie stuff. It seems Christopher Nolan, the director of Inception movie is going to render new Sci-Fi blockbuster. He plays behind scene as a writer and the director.
Christopher Nolan is genius director to provide mature movies such as Dark Night, The Prestige (2006), Batman Begins (2005) and many more. His mature plots have connected with number of casts and all movies he directed became mega hit. In this time he teamed up with Oscar nominee Leonardo Dicaprio and Ellen Page. Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan’s ever loving wife will produce Inception movie. But it is rare to see complete plot in any web sites as Warner Brothers keep this story as a secret. It seems Inception will make huge wave around the world. Tokyo was busy with American super stars as they came for Inception movie shooting and ended at London. Latest rumors said they are filming around Paris these days.

It will be amazing movie which makes huge curios around the world. This movie will be best suit for movie lovers who love to watch scientific mature flicks. Though it has released teaser trailer it is rare to watch any kind of trailer or even plot summery. Any how Inception movie will be huge attractive movie which also provides meaningful story line. This thriller story already grabbed many people around it.

This out of clear sky movie can keep audience in edge of the seats. The director of this movie well combined science, thriller and action in to Inception movie. Many fans in the Hollywood foreboding as this movie may be nominate to Oscar award. No doubt this will surely be mega blaster with population wave around it.

Some times it seems Inception is quite entrance with strong plot. According to the humors this movie goes around architecture of the human mind. I bend my head for Christopher Nolan as he has selected difficult and uncommon story line to increase intelligent of audience. This mature director used his dab hand knowledge with thousands experience to make this movie. Though still movie story not revealed some rumors said this is about really fantastic movie. Here is the Inception plot. But remember all these details came from through people. So this will not be perfect information about movie story.

According to the rumors the story flows like this :

Cobb is a CEO and he is kind of person who entered to the dreams of people. It is a developed world where we can enter to others dreams. It is may be some thing like criminal as entering to others dreams without permission is not good. Any way Cobb enters to others dreams because of he gather information of them. Ariadne is became main person in this dream extract team as she is engineering them. But still she is a student in Paris. This is not kind of Matrix or some thing. They enter to the dreams through the injection.

Their dream information gathered in to suitcase very easy way. Finally they enter to the dream who are in airplane. Their next target is Fischer ho is the head of multimillionaire company. Cobb tries to enter to his dream and wants to separate his large scale business in to two small companies. Meanwhile Saito began to black mail Cobb. Cobb stuck with problem with this new villain and his wife’s problems as she tries to stop Cobb in dreams world but Cobb need to come back to real world where his wife and children stay.

Its end is not clear actually. But rumors said Cobb’s wife finally committed suicide to come back to the real world. But Cobb could successfully return to the real world. All things happened to disadvantage as Cobb suspected for murder of his wife. Finally Cob tries to flee with his children. It is better to remember this story is coming from rumors.

Inception movie is stand in real world but through out the movie they are standing in dreams where they have to face many obstacles. This story shows you your mind is the thing which your body drives. Try to control your mind it is the best way to be happy and comfort. This is not a Surrogate or Matrix type movie. But this is the movie about human mind.

Cast :

• Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb
• Ken Watanabe as Saito
• Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur, an associate to Cobb.
• Marion Cotillard as Lisa, Cobb’s wife
• Ellen Page as Ariadne
• Tom Hardy as Eames, a member of Cobb’s team.
• Cillian Murphy as Fischer

Movie Information :

Genres: Action/Adventure and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Release Date: July 16th, 2010 (wide)
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution
Production Co.: Syncopy Films
Studios: Warner Bros. Pictures

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