The rumor that Hins Cheung admitted to go brokeback in an interview dismissed

Monday, 26 July 2010

Pop singer and songwriter Hins Cheung (Zhang Jingxuan, 张敬轩) has long been rumored to have gay relationship with another Hong Kong based singer Kenny Kwan (关智斌).

Recently, it was reported that Hins Cheung admitted his brokeback (断背) relationship with Kenny Kwan when he was interviewed by a TV station. The news originated from a post at one Hong Kong based stylist’s microblog account. Soon, however, the TV host who interviewed Hins Cheung immediately dismissed the rumor at his microblog, saying that the stylist quoted Hins Cheung’s words out of context. And Hins Cheung’s colleagues and friends flattly dennied the rumor too.

The sexual orientation of Hins Cheung and the relationship between Hins Cheung and Kenny Kwan have always been the focus of the media. Hins Cheung was ever found to rent an apartment in Sai Kung, and live together with Kenny Kwan there. And they were often spotted going out, and having dinner together too.

When media wanted to verify this saying with Hins Cheung’s colleagues, they also said somebody misunderstood what Hins Cheung said, and anyone who has watched that interview should know very well, so they did not want to make more response.

Hins Cheung
The host of the TV program, Qu Yongquan (区永权), who interviewed Hins Cheung, immediately clarified this saying at his microblog too, saying that it is a big misunderstanding. Hins Cheung described Kenny Kwan as a “Shi Nai” (师奶, which is a Cantonese slang referring to middle aged housewives), but it did not mean “housewife” here literally; instead, Hins Cheung was trying to tell the audience Kenny Kwan pinches pennies in life, which is a trait that each housewife has. Qu Yongquan said he hoped people would clear his name and never go further on this mistake anymore.

Source: eastday

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