Home Alone 4

Monday, 29 November 2010

Home Alone 4
Home Alone 4 (2002) Film Seris - God really I've just finished ranting about this pile of tripe to my family so I feel it's necessary to do one here as well, as you all know Home Alone was a trilogy of movies written by John Huges and pretty much kick-started Macaulay Culkin's career, so generally they were all more or less about kids that were stuck home alone (hence the title) on christmas for one reason or another and had to defend their homes from burglars with traps that makes MacGuyver look like he's playing with legoes. I was a fan of the series since I was a kid, having seen the three movies enough time to practically remember every trap down to the last detail, but I digress this post isn't about the first 3 movies, it's about this one...

This is one of the legion of hit-and-miss made for TV movies produced by ABC, it feature all the original characters of the first two movies, but what's that, THE CAST IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! They have Mike Weinberg as Kevin (Macaulay Culkin's character), and god does this kid suck in comparison, he has all the acting ability of a slice of beard (not even good enough to qualify as toast). Another problem is with the antagonists, the burglar Marv was always a bumbling idiot(in a good way) was portrayed by Daniel Stern in the originals and they replaced him with French Stewart, the actor change for Marv isn't what tick me off (It's hard to mess up a character archetype like Marv's), no they replaced Harry Lyme, the snide and generally more short-tempered of the two with Vera, a complete blithering moron, why hell I'd watch a movie of just Marv and Harry, their interactions had an almost "tree Stooges" element to them which made them fun to watch, but not with Vera, not at that point it dissolves into dumb and dumber vs. Anakid Skywalker, which is nowhere near as interesting. The final nail in this coffin of fail is the traps, they're nowhere near as funny, with the original you'd have stuf like this going on:

Home Alone 4 Youtube Video Trailer :

compared to this which is more or less just inconvenient for the burglars as opposed to lulz worthy slapstick the originals were known for. (yes I'm aware that some people think HA3 killed the series, I personally enjoyed that movie).

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