WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transport)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

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WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transport) asking people to check legal legal holiday transport until a finish of a week, if during all possible.

“If there is a probability to carry over a outing until Tuesday or Wednesday,” pronounced Chris Christopher, WSDOT maintenance director. “Conditions go upon to wear today, generally in a Puget Sound. If we need to be upon a road, delayed down, a enterprise to circumstances, as well as let a trucks by a WSDOT.

WSDOT has all its crews out, but it is encountering difficulty in clearing high-traffic roads.

“If you must drive, slow down and increase your following distance,” said WSP Chief John R. Batiste. “Leave early so you won’t be tempted to rush and risk a collision.”

Eastbound Interstate 90 on Snoqualmie Pass was closed Monday after numerous accidents.

According to KOIN, WSDOT and ODOT reported over a dozen accidents in the area due to icy conditions and said chains would be required on all vehicles except those with all wheel drive.

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