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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

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Top 7 Outdoor Thanksgiving Games

The prospect of Thanksgiving and family togetherness brings about the need for traditions. Along with the television football games, the sun of the outdoors calls too many families. What better way to get the grownups and kids involved but to play a Thanksgiving game. Family events are never the same after introducing a few family activities to work up an appetite or work off that extra turkey. So throw on a coat and head outdoors to play at least one Thanksgiving game.

1. Popcorn Relay Race: This Thanksgiving game is great to play as well as yummy. Break up into teams, giving each team a large bowl of popcorn and measuring cup. Place an empty bowl approximately 15-20 feet away from the starting line. The object is for each member of the two teams to carry a measuring cup full of popcorn to their empty bowl. The team that empties out their bowl first wins the game.
2. Harvest Hunt: This is more fun for the kids than for the parents. Place a tarp on the ground and stack as many leaves as possible into a large stack for this Thanksgiving game. Family activities involve the adults hiding candy and small toys inside the leaves. The kids are then encouraged to attack the leaf pile to look for their treats.
3. Football: This Thanksgiving game is stand-by for family events is great for all ages. If there are little ones involved then you may want to restrict it to touch or flag football. The kids can even make the flag belts before the game as additional family activities. Holding the game before the big dinner will help to make sure everyone is hungry.
4. Pumpkin Bowling: This special Thanksgiving game is great for those little pumpkins that no one ever wants for Halloween. Use those empty 2 liter bottles of soda people brought to the family activities, about 10 of them filled with a little bit of sand to keep them from falling over. Set them up as bowling pins and use the smaller pumpkins as bowling balls.
5. Flour Tag: This messy Thanksgiving game is perfect for the outdoors. Using all those mismatched socks, fill them with flour. You will need one for each person. This is similar to dodge ball; however the players are equipped with the flour socks. Players try to peg each other while avoiding being hit themselves. The white spots on the clothing will indicate if they are hit or not. Flour can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Set a timer and let the fun begin. The game is over when the timer goes off and whoever has the least amount of flour hits is the winner.
6. Three-Legged Race: This old-fashioned Thanksgiving game is simple to do with just the rope to tie the contestant’s legs together. A real trial of teamwork is needed to make it to the finish line first.
7. Pumpkin Seed Spitting: This Thanksgiving game is perfect for all of the kids at the family events that want to get gross. What kid does not want to have permission to spit? The rules are simple, whoever can spit the seeds the longest distance away is the winner. This game can go on and on as even the adults try to outdistance the others.

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