Leslie Nielsen

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Leslie Nielsen
Leslie Nielsen's death prompted a full day's worth of reactions in Twitter-Wood today, both from fans respectful enough not to call him "Shirley" and those who thought he would prefer to be remembered by that name. Dane Cook dedicated a show to him, while Brian Posehn shared his favorite Nielsen anecdote, and Olivia Wilde just plain misses him.

He became known as a serious actor in the 1950s and then reinvented his career with spoofy turns in “Airplane!," “Police Squad” and “The Naked Gun” in the 1980's and '90s. Leslie Nielsen, who died Sunday at the age of 84, was part of numerous comedies and even more water-cooler conversations. He didn’t write his trademark lines, but you wonder if we’d remember any of them if he didn’t deliver them in his daffy deadpan.

Yes, the deadpan-est of deadpan comedic actors is now dead. DUAN! varmints, please give him a fond farewell in the comments section by reciting your favorite Drebin/Dr. Alan Rumack lines.That would be me...I've been swimming in raw sewage.

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