Haley Reinhart

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Haley Reinhart
Haley Reinhart – Fallin – American Idol Top 24 – Video MP3

Haley Reinhart sings Fallin on the American Idol Top 24


Rickey: This was OK. Haley has a lot of fans. She’ll get through I think.

Steven Tyler: I heard just the right about of style and sexy. It was great.

Jennifer Lopez: We saw a lot of different colors in your voice. ( Read Haley Reinhart more... )

Two judges are Fallin' for Haley Reinhart's Alicia Keys cover

Haley Reinhart struts her stuff as she sings Alicia Keys' Fallin'. There's a smoky, sultry quality that doesn't always work with her material, but it fits here. She does several impressive runs, too. Not sure I'm all into that lip-curl thing she does, but I'll go along with it on this tune.

"It doesn't do anything for you," Randy says. He thinks that husky thing they loved has gone and been replaced by a karaoke singer.

"If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong," Steven says to Randy. He thinks it was just the right amount of everything. ( Read Haley Reinhart more... )

Haley Reinhart Fallin on American Idol Top 24

Haley Reinhart sang Fallin by Alicia Keys on American Idol Top 24 where the top 12 girls performed for public votes. ( Read Haley Reinhart more... )

Haley Reinhart vs. This Megia: American Idol Semifinalist Showdown!

The race for the season 10 American Idol crown is officially on.

With this week's naming of the top 24, the men are prepared to do battle on Tuesday night, with the women taking to the stage an evening latter. Two of the females that will aim to impress? Haley Reinhart and Thia Megia. ( Read Haley Reinhart more... )

American Idol Season 10: Haley Reinhart

I have this sinking feeling that Haley Reinhart is falling for one of the oldest American Idol curses out there.

She is choosing to sing “Fallin’” by Alicia Keys tonight as she and the rest of the top 12 girls take the stage and try to convince America to vote for them. Not only is “Fallin’” one of those songs that is way overdone on American Idol, but it is a very hard song to sing and a lot of girls seem to convince themselves they can sing it. Most of them, as we often find out, can’t. ( Read Haley Reinhart more... )

Julie Zorrilla's dress, Haley Reinhart's voice impress on 'American Idol'
Julie Zorrilla, who I've liked from the get-go, is next on "American Idol," in her trademark cool dress -- all white and ballerina-ish this time.

Does a soaring "Breakaway."She has the spirit down pat, really emotes well and tells the story. She's just a good performer. Not the best vocalist, but a good contestant. ( Read Haley Reinhart more... )

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