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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ides of MarchOxford excited as filming gets underway for ‘Ides of March’

OXFORD — Filming began bright and early at Miami University’s Farmer School of Business on a frosty Tuesday morning for the upcoming George Clooney movie “The Ides of March.”

The sun was barely up as crews began setting up for shots in front of the building and Miami University students took a break from mid-term exams to get as close as security would allow to Clooney, who is also directing the film, and his co-star Ryan Gosling. Some stood inside the Farmer building, taking cell phone photos through the windows at the action outside when it moved closer to the entrance. ( Read Ides of March more... )

JUST A THOUGHT: Beware the ‘Ides Of March’

While asking the question of the week, I met with a lot of questions, some skepticism, and a few funny looks. “Why are you asking such a hard question? Why don’t you ask something about the weather? Who cares?”

Well, truthfully, I don’t know who really cares. Not just about the Ides of March, but about the question of the week in general. And I didn’t set out to ask a hard question. I wanted to do something timely. It is the first of March. What are March related questions? It’s a little early to ask about green beer and leprechauns. ( Read Ides of March more... )

"Ides of March" Movie: George Clooney, Ryan Gosling Filming at Miami University in Oxford

George Clooney is filming “The Ides of March” on the campus of Miami University in Oxford. The movie also stars Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Today’s filming . . . ( Read Ides of March more... )

Ides of March – George Clooney’s Newest Film

Handsome George Clooney is currently filming Ides of March, a movie about a Democratic governor campaigning in presidential primaries who gets a crash course on how dirty politics really are.

The movie is based on the Broadway play Farragut North, a political drama which is loosely based on the 2004 Democratic Primary run of Howard Dean. ( Read Ides of March more... )

The Ides of March: Introducing Shakespeare to Children

My fascination with the Ides of March began after I read Julius Caesar in high school. I liked the idea of having to “beware” of something; it added some mystery and intrigue to the early part of the year and my otherwise normal existence.

To this day, I’m conscious of all-things superstitious on March 15th, even though any other day of the year I could care less if I walk under a ladder or cross the path of a black cat. ( Read Ides of March more... )

Beware the Ides of March...

Julius Caesar upset plenty of high-up figures along the way to eventually taking charge of the Roman Empire. It's a story recorded in the annals of history, but in modern-day Argentina it's being re-enacted on the football pitch (and in the boardroom).

The names of the personalities involved, granted, are a dream for the football writer who's also a fan of stretched analogies, but the plot has enough real intrigue to inspire Shakespeare, were he still around. ( Read Ides of March more... )

Beware the Ides of March

Last week, that pragmatic Philadelphia Prognosticator, Jimmy Rollins, said the Phillies would win 100 games this season.

Over the years, from when the soothsaying shortstop first boldly said the Phils would win the division in 2007 and delivered his own MVP season to make it happen, J-Roll's predictions usually have hit for as high an average as Albert Pujols.

Rollins, though, hasn't shown he can forecast injuries. If he could, now would be the time to do it because the Ides of March is 14 days away. After all, a Roman seer once told Julius Caesar that harm would find him in the Ides of March. ( Read Ides of March more... )

Ides of March : George Clooney’s Movie Update

Reportedly, George Clooney was on Miami University’s campus early this morning, filming his new movie Ides of March!

Currently, he’s filming Ides of March, a movie said to be about a Democratic governor campaigning in Cincinnati, Ohio. The movie also stars some big names including Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood. ( Read Ides of March more... )

Ides of March filming on Miami University campus

Clooney on Miami University campus for "Ides of March" film.

Actor George Clooney and film crew shifted venues today to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to continue shooting for the new movie “Ides of March.” Many students are taking a break to be a part of the filming for Clooney’s new movie.

Publicist, Tracy Schaefer said the production liked the brick buildings and their architecture, which is reminiscent of a classic New England, Ivy league school. ( Read Ides of March more... )

Ides of March: More Fun Than Scary?

Shakespeare may have famously written in his play Julius Caesar that Caesar ought to "beware the Ides of March," but today is not it. We still have two weeks to prepare to beware. The Ides of March is March 15.

For 99.9 percent of people in the world for whom this isn't a big deal, you're probably wondering WTH the Ides of March is, which probably explains why it's the number one search on Google today, March 1. ( Read Ides of March more... )

The Ides of March: Julius Caesar, 'Vehicle,' baby and George Clooney

February has come and gone, welcome to March. We've got St. Patrick's Day, we've got March Madness and we also have the Ides of March. But what are they?

Historically, the Ides of March was merely a way to divide the calendar based on the moon phases. In some months, the Ides is the 15th and in others the 13th. March's Ides were special because they marked the Roman consular year, which is when the elected consuls took office. There was a celebration honoring the god Mars and a military parade was held. ( Read Ides of March more... )

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