First Day of Spring 2011

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spring SeasonMarketing Strategies for the First Day of Spring 2011 Already Hot

The First Day of Spring 2011 may not come for another 19 days (with the March equinox on March 20), but savvy marketers know to begin their sales campaigns early. Never mind that Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria, do celebrate March 1st as the first day of spring – this only has to do with ancient traditions from these specific countries, traditions that, ironically, have a lot to do with marketing and sales too.

Today, Romanians buy flowers, gifts and mărțișoare for the women in their lives, and so do Moldavians, and Bulgarians, although, in Bulgaria the small symbol of the spring is called martenitsa. For all these countries, and for many others inhabited by Romanians and Aromanians, the first day of March is a traditional holiday associated with sending off winter and welcoming spring – the first day of spring. But these are rather singular cases. Most of the world celebrates the first day of spring with the Vernal equinox. ( Read First Day of Spring 2011 more... )

First Day of Spring 2011: 15 Ways to Celebrate With Kids

We've almost made it! The first day of spring 2011 is just weeks away. March 20 means that what was the longest winter in history is finally over ... or does it just seem like that each year? That means no more being cooped up, frozen solid, bored stiff, over-stuffed with comfort food, and stuffed up with colds and flu. Or so we hope. ( Read First Day of Spring 2011 more... )

First Day of Spring 2011

Warm weather is on its way!
Don't worry, winter's almost over! Spring, also known as the vernal equinox, officially starts on March 22, 2011 at 7:21 pm EDT for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. ( Read First Day of Spring 2011 more... )

It's the First Day of Spring! Hooray?

Today is the first day of spring 2011. No, your iPhone didn't screw up again. It's still only March 1, not March 20 -- and no, your thermostat didn't bust, it's still chilly-chill outside. You see, today is the first day of meteorological spring. Didn't know that? Well somebody did because the masses are plugging it into the Google genie today like crazy.

Just don't get too excited and pull out your cruddy flip-flops quite yet. Meteorological spring means that many people across the country, especially up north, will still have to bundle up in heavy coats and squeeze their feet into those stretched out, worn down Fuggs yet one more day, even though they were practically wearing shorts yesterday. And oh, yes, they'll still be able to complain about this pain in the ass, changeable weather a little while longer. ( Read First Day of Spring 2011 more... )

First Day of Spring 2011 Is Coming

Ready to wear those shirts and shorts? The first Day of Spring 2011 is coming soon, bringing a much warmer temperature. Sunday March 20, 2011 at 7:21PM EDT or 11:21PM Universal Time, is the official day of spring. ( Read First Day of Spring 2011 more... )

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