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Thursday, 3 March 2011

iPad 2
Why the iPad 2 Display Didn't Get an Upgrade

In the lead-up to the iPad 2 announcement, many were predicting that Apple would give the tablet's 9.7-inch screen a bump in resolution. But when Steve Jobs revealed the second-generation iPad to the world, it had the same pixel count as the first one: 1,024x768, even though the display was revamped to be considerably thinner. Why no extra pixels?

Looking at the history of the display on the iPhone offers some clues. Apple kept the display of the iPhone at the same 480x320-pixel resolution for the first three versions of the phone, and when it finally upgraded the display for the iPhone 4, the bump was huge, doubling the display resolution to 960x640 pixels. The upgrade also introduced the term "retina display," a piece of marketing jargon that Apple doesn't quantify, but generally means a display that is better than the limits of human vision. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Apple’s iPad 2 to debut with dual-core chip, new specs

It’s official. Apple has dropped the iPad 2 in all its black or white glory, available to the public March 11, 2011 (nine days!).

“Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. Ten-hour battery.”

That’s Apple’s slogan, and that pretty much wraps up what you may have missed at the press conference Wednesday. But there is a lot more to this tablet than meets the eye. The iPad 2 will be running a 1GHz dual-core A5 chip, which will allow it to run at lightning speeds with graphics up to nine times better than the original. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

iPad 2 specs announced by Steve Jobs today at Apple event

Apple announced the release date for their iPad 2 in Palo Alto, California today. Rob Pegoraro was there liveblogging the event and ran down a few of the new product's specs: ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

iPad 2 Specs

iPad 2 ships on March 11, so what exactly will you get? Here are the tech specs from Apple for us geeks that like this kind of stuff: ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Apple iPad 2 Specs in Full

The iPad 2 event was like a whirlwind, with information on the new tablet coming thick and fast, so here is the specification list as we know it. We’ll save you a bit of time if you’re looking for how much RAM the iPad 2 has, or what the megapixel count is, as Apple haven’t released those details yet. The teases! ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Apple iPad 2 Specs, Release Date & Pricing Leaked on Amazon Germany Site; Pulled in a Jiffy

The talk on the street centers more on the second generation iPad , lovingly termed the Apple iPad2. Even as the grapevine has been churning out tales of a possible Apple iPad 3 sometime later this year, we know some of you folks are eagerly waiting to lay your hands on the iPad2. Here’s something that would cheer you up. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Amazon Germany prematurely reveals iPad 2 specs?

According to a report over at YourDailyApple.net, Amazon Germany has accidentally posted the full specs along with a release date for the upcoming iPad 2.

Steve Jobs is expected to reveal the new iPad details and availability later today in San Francisco.

The iPad 2 showed up on Amazon with the following specs: ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Spec Showdown: iPad 2 vs. Its Rivals

How does Apple’s new tablet compare with the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the HP TouchPad and the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook? Our chart breaks down the specifics.

Judged on specs alone, the Apple iPad 2 doesn't do much more than keep pace with its tablet rivals.

It's a bit thinner that its major rivals--the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the HP TouchPad, and the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook--and it's lighter than most. But its processor appears to be on a par with those of other tablets, and its cameras' resolutions seem to be lower. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

iPad vs. Xoom vs. iPad 2 Spec Comparison Chart [UPDATE]

Apple’s much anticipated iPad 2 was announced Wednesday, and we were interested in comparing the specs to both the original iPad and Motorola’s recently announced Xoom Android tablet.

As you can see below, both the iPad 2 and the Xoom each have a few specs in their favor, but the iPad 2 is clearly the best when it comes to size, weight, price, and battery life. Apple’s iPad 2 also has the benefit of LED backlighting, which for many will be enough to overcome the Xoom’s higher resolution (see below) in terms of picture quality). iPad also has both higher and lower storage options, making the device more flexible in terms of both usage and pricing. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Apple Announces iPad 2 Specs and Shipping Date

Apple announced details of the latest version of its popular tablet computing gadget, the iPad 2, at a special press event hosted by CEO Steve Jobs (much to the surprise of the crowd).

Notable upgrades include a new A5 chip, faster CPU, both front and rear cameras, a gyroscope, 33 percent thinner design (8.8 mm), support for both CDMA and GSM cellular networks (AT&T and Verizon), and it comes in white or black. The iPad 2′s battery life remains at 10-hours as well as their pricing structure that begins at $499 for wi-fi only. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Apple iPad Smart Cover: A New Kind of Case

At today's Apple event, where the world was first introduced to the iPad 2, one thing stood out to me above everything else. Many of the new features and specs had been leaked, or correctly guessed, months ago, but no one knew that Apple would pour its innovative energies into a case for the new device. But they did, and the new Smart Cover might be the best case I've ever seen for a mobile device. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

iPad 2 Smart Cover Accessory: Revolutionary – Not a Case

Here at OSM we’ve been bringing you all the news from the Apple event where we have seen the iPad 2 unveiled at last. We’ve already brought you news on the release date, prices and specs, missing features and the fact that there will also be a white iPad 2 version. Now we wanted to give you news about the Smart Cover. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Video – In Action

As you may already know by now, today marked the Apple iPad 2 event. At the event Steve Jobs took the stage to announce that the iPad 2 will start shipping March 11th. The official announcement and unveil meant the iPad 2 features were seen for the first time and one of the most innovative is its new cover that they call the Smart Cover.

As Alan Ng reports in his article the cover can only be described as a ‘flap’ but it is much more. Made from either polyurethane or leather depending on which you prefer both these covers will clean your iPad 2 automatically using its microfibers. ( Read iPad 2 Specs more... )

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