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Friday, 4 March 2011

Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Sheen

Jimmy Fallon's Charlie Sheen Impression (VIDEO)

The resemblance is uncanny.

Jimmy Fallon's bit taking on Charlie Sheen last night was a priceless mockery of Sheen's recent interviews, dropping all the favorites like "adonis DNA" and "tiger blood." At first it's even hard to tell that it's really Fallon.

The sketch, which comedically sells "Winning," the new fragrance from Charlie Sheen, ran on Wednesday night's show, the day after the actor joined Twitter. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Winning: A New Fragrance By Charlie Sheen

Check out what the adorbs Jimmy Fallon made in honor of the Sheen Machine: a HIGHlarious fake commercial, which you can watch right above!

He NAILS that impression! So funny!

People have been so super creative with all the material Charlie has been tossing around for free! It's kind of amazing to see the things people have been coming up with. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Charlie Sheen, late-night tragedy: Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon show some compassion: VIDEO

It takes a strong late-night host to resist doing Charlie Sheen jokes, and that man is Craig Ferguson. He announced earlier this week that he wouldn’t be doing any Sheen-is-crazy humor.

Ferguson has a greater frame of cultural reference than the other hosts, and he reached back to the ancient London hospital that gave us the term “bedlam” — a choice word for the media frenzy surrounding Sheen, but, to Ferguson’s point, an example of a place where mental patients were ridiculed by the public. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Charlie Sheen: Guinness World Record Breaker & ‘Hangover 2′ Star?

It’s probably been about 20 minutes since that last you’ve heard of Charlie Sheen, but fear not as we’re here to give you your hourly update!

According to Entertainment Weekly (via Mashable) Charlie’s infamous Twitter account is the fastest account to reach 1 million followers, with the actor doing so less than 24 hours from signing up. Maybe it has something to do with the tiger blood?

Also happening in Sheen’s World: a possible Hangover 2 cameo? ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Charlie Sheen: Other celebrities weigh in

CBS) Charlie Sheen's antics are not only providing fodder for late-night hosts but they're also eliciting comments from other celebs, including a few who have been burned by the spotlight themselves..

"Charlie Sheen told E! News that he plans to release his own fragrance," said Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." "It combines the delightful aromas of sweat, cigarettes and denial." ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Take On Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” Cologne ( Video )

Jimmy Fallon nails Charlie Sheen’s erratic media appearances with a very funny parody of Sheen’s favorite phrase lately “Winning!”

The “Late Night” host riffs on the Two and a Half Men star’s statement to E!News about a cologne he claims he wants to do and pairs it with some of the actor’s actual quotes.

The impersonation is very very good. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Video: Jimmy Fallon Is 'Winning' in Charlie Sheen Parody

Jimmy Fallon just couldn't resist jumping on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon. The 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' host portrayed the troubled actor Wednesday night in a clip for a fake cologne appropriately called Winning.

Fallon delivers a near spot-on impersonation of Sheen, who has famously made the press rounds this week spewing out a mix of nonsensical ramblings. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Jimmy Fallon Channels Charlie Sheen In an Ad for “Winning” Cologne

Charlie Sheen told E! on Monday that he’ll “do a cologne.”

But, what would Sheen’s cologne be like?

On Wednesday’s “Late Night,” Jimmy Fallon gave the public a peek at what a Charlie Sheen cologne would be like with a hilarious parody of fragrance ads, featuring the talk-show host impersonating the “Two and a Half Men” star. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Jimmy Fallon Channels Charlie Sheen, Sells His 'Winning' Cologne (VIDEO)

Given all the hilariously outrageous comments Charlie Sheen has offered up over the last week, it was high time Jimmy Fallon put his stellar impressionist skills to work on the actor.

On 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), the host fashioned himself after Sheen in his epic 'Piers Morgan Tonight' interview (wearing NYC T-shirt, etc.), and channeled the TV star in an advertisement for his "cologne" called (very appropriately) Winning. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen Parody Video: Now THIS is Winning (Watch)!

This video is the epitome of winning!

After watching this video, you’ll quickly realize that no one – NO ONE – does Charlie Sheen better than Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon portrays the “b-tchin’ dude’ himself as he absolutely nails the character in this video. Too bad it’s not actually a character – it’s 100 percent real life Charlie Sheen.

In addition to quoting Sheen’s many outrageous comments over the past few weeks, Fallon offers the former Two and a Half Men star a little bit of advice:
( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen : Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen Video

The “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” host did his best with his “Adonis DNA” to impersonate the troubled actor last night using all the “winning” phrases.

If you close your eyes, you will almost immediately think you are hearing this babble straight from Charlie’s own mouth and then you open your eyes to Winning For Men Cologne, and realize it is all just a joke… or is it, you may just see Winning For Men Cologne on shelves in the coming weeks. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres spoof Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a boon for talk-show hosts. The self-destructive star of "Two and a Half Men" has been doing non-stop interviews, tweeting and landing on front pages.

As bizarre and entertaining as those appearances have been, nothing beats a great Jimmy Fallon impersonation of Sheen. In a new video, the "Late Night" host lampoons Sheen's crazed commentary recently by hawking Sheen's new fragrance, "Winning For Men." It's made with tiger blood, of course. ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

Jimmy Fallon as Charlie Sheen: "Winning"

Jimmy Fallon is a total freakin' rock star from Mars.

The talk show host's remarkable impersonation of Charlie Sheen (video below) is making the rounds on the Internet and television news-- almost catching up with Sheen himself.

In a mock ad for a cologne called "Winning," Fallon puffs a cigarette and mixes some of the troubled "Two and a Half Men" actor's crazy quotes with a few invented ones, like "What's my name? Carlos Estevez? Come se dice 'winning?'" ( Read Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen more... )

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