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Friday, 4 March 2011

Brandon Davies

Danica Mendivil, Brandon Davies' Girlfriend: BYU Basketball Player's Significant Other Revealed

The girlfriend of Brandon Davies, the BYU forward who was kicked off the team for having pre-martial sex, has been revealed.

According to RadarOnline, Davies' girlfriend is Danica Mendivil, a freshman on the volleyball team at Arizona State University. ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies Girlfriend: Give the Couple a Break Folks

Brandon Davies Girlfriend is Under Fire From Sports Fans

If you never thought sex and BYU would feature in the same sentence, you have just been disproved. BYU has been rocked by a set of circumstances that would seem almost normal at another school.

A couple of days ago, we were given the news that top collegiate center Brandon Davies was going to be suspended the rest of the year for violating the school's honor code. The violation was released, and it is a head turner. ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies, Girlfriend Have Sex: BYU Honor Code Violation

The sports world is collectively scratching its head today, as reports that premarital sex and Brandon Davies' girlfriend led to his BYU honor code violation and suspension. A college basketball player suspended for having sex with his girlfriend? At the Mormon school, it is a BYU, honor code violation and grounds for dismissal from the university.

If Brandon Davies played for most any other college basketball team in the country, this would likely never even be reported. But the Salt Lake Tribune reports that is why the star forward, on the No. 3 Cougars team, was suspended mere weeks before the NCAA Tournament.

The suspension could costing the team its hopes for a deep run in the tournament and millions in revenue, but BYU is standing behind its honor code. ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies Girlfriend Rumored Preggy

Rumor has it that Brandon Davies’ girlfriend is pregnant. The Brigham Young University’s forward, Brandon Davies, has been in the news lately for having been suspended from the BYU basketball team. The reason of the suspension is still unclear.

The school stated that he was released because he violated the BYU honor code, which include “must live a chaste and virtuous life.” ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies’ Girlfriend Rumored Pregnant

Back in 1981, BYU was down by one point with just nine seconds left in an NCAA tourney matchup against perennial power Notre Dame. That’s when an undersized guard named Danny Ainge took an inbound base from the far baseline and went coast to coast via one of the most spectacular drives in NCAA basketball history.

His layup with under two seconds remaining gave BYU the victory, and for that feat, Ainge’s name is the first one many would associate with BYU’s program. ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies’ Girlfriend Caused BYU Suspension

Brandon Davies’ girlfriend is now emerging as the reason that the star forward of the Brigham Young University basketball team was suspended yesterday.

Sources say he violated the BYU honor code by having sex with her. While the code doesn’t state specifically that students can’t engage in premarital sex, it states that they must “live a chaste and virtuous life.” Davies’ future as a pro basketball player is also up in the air as a result.

There are rumors that Brandon Davies’ girlfriend may be pregnant, but no one has confirmed this yet. While Davies was apologetic to his teammates for the situation and his actions, they hold no resentment towards him. One of his teammates, Charles Abouo, said, “Everyone makes mistakes in life. We are reaching out and trying to help him get through this.” ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies girlfriend led to violation of honor code

Brandon Davies, 19, all-star basketball player from Brigham Young University, was suspended from the team earlier this week for violating the BYU honor code. The students from the university wondered what Davies did to violate the code.

The mystery is now revealed; Davies is accused of having sex with his girlfriend, according to the Chicago Sun Times. ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies Girlfriend: Pre-Marital Sex Sparked Suspension!

Over the past week, fans of Brigham Young University’s starring forward Brandon Davies have been asking themselves, “What did Brandon Davies do to get suspended?” The school released information stating that the promising basketball star was let go from the team because he violated the University’s honor code. At that point, no one knew the reason for the violation. Now, we do.

So What Did Brandon Davies Do? ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

Brandon Davies Girlfriend: BYU Sex Code

If you haven't heard the news yet, you might want to take a seat. The Brigham Young University (BYU) basketball has dismissed Brandon Davies for violation of the BYU honor (sex) code.

That's right... the 6-9 star forward has been kicked off the team for having premarital sex with his girlfriend. BYU is located in Provo, Utah and as students of the Mormon college, are held to a strict honor code that prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs, beards... as in facial hair and as Brandon Davies girlfriend found out, no sex. ( Read Brandon Davies Girlfriend more... )

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